• November 1, 2023


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By Donstance Koroma

Recent audios released by Abdul Will Kamara commonly known as Adebayor in respect to the decision of the main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC) to compromise the June 24 2023 presidential election for selfish gains at the expense of party supporters are clear indications that Adebayor is left with profound remorse. Many of his unpleasant utterances he had made on high profiled APC admirers before during and after the APC delegates convention that led to the country’s June 24 general elections all in support of the candidacy of Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara.

By any stretch of imagination, Adebayor, the self-proclaimed King never anticipated that the outcome of the disputed June 24, 2023 president election coupled with election related offences and human rights violations melted on citizens would have ended on just a single communiqué that does not speaks to rerun of the presidential election that saw President Bio on the seat of the President for the next coming five years.

Owing to the fact that the outcome of the dialogue left Adebayor and his followers in an astonishment, seem to have put the self-proclaimed king in total political disarray, leaving Adebayor the choice of choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea, if the king is serious about him continuing his political ambition.

Considering the political hatred Adebayor had and continues to exhibit for the Bio led government, it will seem impossible for him thinking of pitching tent with the incumbent Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) government and party for fear of him handing over himself as sacrificial lamb. Afterwards it will be very difficult for the SLPP to be silence, talk less of arresting him for possible investigations and prosecution for incitements among other related offences.

On the other hand, for him to gain acceptance, recognition and political blessing from the APC political godfathers, many of the king fans are calling on him to publicly apologize with all manner of sincerity for the many abusive and derogative languages used on them before, during and after the party’s delegate conference leading to the 3023 general elections.

To many die hearted followers of Adebayor they are yearning for him to stay with the party considering the role he played in exposing the many excesses in the Bio government.

The possibility of Adebayor’s willingness to sincerely demonstrates regrets for his utterances and the chances for him gaining the required acceptance whole heartedly from APC political godfathers for his regret, has been views by certain political pundits as unattainable, which eventually left the self-proclaimed king in the middle of the road with regards whether he should continue or discontinues his political journey.

Like a hunter’s dog that suddenly goes mad and turn to his master can be attributed to Dr. Samura Kamara a manner in which he used, abused and refused Adebayor after placing the life of the young promising Sierra Leonean at stake just to ensure that Dr. Samura Kamara realize his political ambition of becoming Sierra Leone’s President.

Nevertheless, the desire of Dr. Samura Kamara of becoming the next president of the Republic of Sierra Leone was possible taking into consideration revelation made by the European Union (EU) election observer mission report that said either Maada Bio Julius of the SLPP nor the APC and Dr Kamara Samura Kamara attained the 55% threshold in the first round of the polls, but however, Samura Kamara was in lead of the presidential votes clearly pointed to the indisputable fact that Samura Kamara’s chances were greater than Maada Bio Julius.

Regardless of the disputed presidential result announced by Chief Returning Officer, Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) Mohamed K. Konneh in favour of Maada Bio Julius who was trilling behind Kamara Samura Wilson in the presidential race, Adebayor relented not in his undoubted support for Dr. Samura Kamara until at the eleventh hour when the king inside source within the corridors of the government and opposition hinted him otherwise.

The confirmation by Adebayor that his presidential candidate has decided to fall below path by already reaching a political deal to recognize and allow President Bio continues his second term as president, beats the imagination of a king that has stood with Samura Kamara through all trying times.

Taking into account the degree of betrayal and threat to life the decision of Dr. Samura Kamara and the party national executive have plumped him and his entire family, prompted the king to turn his mouth to Dr. Samura Kamara just like the manner he had done to others by raining standard abusive languages on him for such a blatant political betrayal of recent memory.

This said action of Adebayor displeased the APC 2023 presidential aspirant, Dr. Samura  Kamara and hundreds of his supporters at home and abroad are resolving to a decline of his popularity as many Samura Kamara’s faithful stop listening and sharing his audios even before the APC decision for supporters and members of the party to desist forthwith sharing Adebayo’s audios in all APC’s social media platforms.

Recommendation seven of the government and the main opposition APC mediated dialogue served as the final nail in the political casket of Adebayor that reads thus: ‘The Government of Sierra Leone and the APC party actively condemn all citizens at home and abroad who incite violence, spread hate speech and disrupt national cohesion (online or offline) and Government will continues all efforts to bring those involved to justice’

Just like Okonkow the main character in the book tittle ‘Things Fall Apart’, Dr. Samura Kamara by the look of thing played the parts of Okonkow and Adebayor the role of Ikemefuna that called Okonkow father.

It came to pass that the father Okonkow agreed to present the young lad Ikemefuna for sacrifice because the demands of gods of the land, which is very much replica to that Dr. Samura Kamara decision to sacrifice King Adebayor that also refers to him as father for the sake of peace and national cohesion.

Therefore, it stands practical to say that with Adebayor in the middle of the road as he happens to be the Ikemefuna of the just concluded 2023 general elections that both the two political giants decide to let go for the singular purpose of national peace and cohesion.

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