• September 22, 2023

Big Fish Commits Suicide

Big Fish Commits Suicide
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Big Fish Commits Suicide

Famous recording artist Foday Allieu, popularly known as Big Fish, met his demise yesterday, Thursday, 21st September, 2023, after he was shot dead by a member of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF).

It is believed that the officer, by shooting Big Fish, saved a lot of lives that could have been lost had Big Fish really intended on taking a few souls out with him.

Many people who commit suicide also consider taking others along with them as in the case of murder-suicide – I shoot someone to force another person to shoot me, because I am too scared to do so to myself.

Information gathered by FORUM NEWS at and around the scene of Big Fish’s ultimate end had it that he allegedly snatched a female Operations Support Division (OSD) officer’s assault rifle at the entrance of a popular commercial bank in Freetown and ran down to Lightfoot Boston Street trying to figure out how to use the rifle.

Once he figured it out, we were told that Big Fish pointed the gun heavenwards and started shooting. Pandemonium broke out as people started running helter-skelter trying to avoid stray bullets.

Big Fish met his death after he was shot by a soldier because, after being shot, Big Fish was allegedly still attempting to position the weapon, aiming it at the responding officer, who had too respond with deadly force.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, the gas station at the intersection of Gloucester and Lightfoot Boston Streets.

It must be recalled that Big Fish had a memorable fight with incarcerated rapper LAJ where a member of the public lost his life from a gunshot wound.

Big Fish we were told has a history of perpetrating violence against others. Of late those that knew him said he had been behaving as if he had or was losing his mind.

His friends we spoke to at Swiezzy said Big Fish had warned yesterday (Wednesday) that if they were to hear gunshots in town on the next day (yesterday, Thursday) that he would be responsible.

‘The guy had gotten frustrated. One day he will behave normal, but on the next day he will be acting as if he was mad. I want to believe that he suffered from being bipolar. But we all believe that Big Fish committed suicide, except that he was not bold enough to do it himself. He snatched that female officer’s gun not to kill anyone but to force an officer to do what he was afraid of doing to himself. This is a classic example of murder-suicide. He threatened to kill people shooting a rifle that prompted the soldier to take a swift action.

Big Fish’s corpse was taken to the Connaught hospital mortuary, where many believe was where he had initially planned on ending up.

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