• June 16, 2023

IMC Popularizes Election Report Manuals  

IMC Popularizes Election Report Manuals  
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The Independent Media Commission (IMC) has on Thursday 15th June this year concluded their popularization of the Elections Coverage and Reporting /Print and Electronic Media Regulations 2022 across the country in Western Urban District.

The Commission brought together journalists from print and electronic media within the capital and schooled them on the guidelines and policy and procedures on the IMC’s Elections Coverage and Reporting for Print and Electronic Media Regulations, 2022, at Congress Hall, Kroo Town Road, Freetown.

In his welcome statement, the IMC Chairman and Commissioner Dr. Victor Massaquio centralized his remarks on what he referred to as 3Cs.

He thanked the media for their collaboration with the IMC in the discharged of its functions.

He also appreciated the media for level of compliance demonstrated with regards Election Coverage and Reporting Media Regulations.

He encouraged journalists to always comply with both the Print and Electronic Media Regulations, 2022 and Coverage and Reporting Regulations 2022 respectively.

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