• June 21, 2023

International Observers Calls for Peace, Cohesion

International Observers Calls for Peace, Cohesion
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By: Hassan Osman Kargbo

Following a high tension of election related violence and aggression across the country, the International Observers have called on Sierra Leoneans to refrain from all forms of violence and hate messages during this electioneering.

They made this statement on Wednesday 21 June 2023, in a joints statement from the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Ireland, Germany, France, and European Union Delegations that came to observe the country’s June 24 polls.

They mentioned that all Political Parties leader especially the two main parties should continue preaching Peace to their supporters and to all Sierra Leonean in general in this crucial time especially when the Presidential aspirations have signed to the Peace pledge. “The peace pledge signed by President Bio, Dr Kamara, and all political parties in May, committed to all peace campaigning and fair conduct in this election and to resolve grievance through the courts”, they stated.

They continued that the pledge signed by the Presidential candidates should set the tone for all aspirants and their supporters in the coming weeks.

The International committee reaffirmed their commitment to support Sierra Leone to transparent, and peaceful elections that reflects the will of the people. ” In a spirit of partnership, we reiterate our support to transparent, inclusive, credible and peace elections that reflects the will of the people”, they added.

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