• August 28, 2023

Mercy Ships Appreciates Africell SL

Mercy Ships Appreciates Africell SL
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On Friday, 25 August, 2023, the popular healing organisation called “Global Mercy Ships” appreciates Africell Sierra Leone for their continued support.

Joff Williams is the manager of Global Mercy Ships; said he was very enthusiastic about his meeting with the management of Africell SL. He said both partners look forward to adding sweet tastes and life changing experiences to their companies and the people of Sierra Leone as they hope to work earnestly in building a solid healthy relationship. The management of Mercy Ships said it is a pleasure working with Africell SL, affirming that despite being away from the country, Africell SL has always been in close contact with them and their coming back to Sierra Leone shall be a win-win situation and the people of Sierra Leone shall benefit from this tranquillity.

According to one of the delegates of Mercy Ships said that Joff Williams is in the country for another ten months, and during this period he is expected to continue with the bilateral relationship they have started with Africell SL. They consider the company a “faithful friend and partner.”

Notwithstanding, Mercy Ships hopes to have a good collaboration with Africell SL and the management of Africell SL also promised to work hand in hand with Mercy Ships.

The Manager of Africell SL Media, John Konteh tells his story about Mercy Ships way back in 1991 as he was having a chromium deficiency, he could remember the drugs the doctor gave to him and he applied the drugs the pain lasted for a year and it was cured and he further said that Mercy Ship came back in 2000 after the war and he was part of the welcoming team and music group at the arrival of Mercy Ships, he was the drummer for the event.

“My elder brother worked for Mercy Ships before he left for the States, so I am a living testimony of Mercy Ships,” he added.

The Afri Radio Station Manager, Abdul Karim Sesay said that they have huge collaboration with the local media houses, while encouraging their partner Mercy Ships not to hesitate to contact him whenever they need help with media coverage as he will coordinate it for them.

He also assured Mercy Ships of a mutually beneficial relationship. Sesay promised that they shall be looking forward to working with Mercy Ships within their ten months stay in the country, adding they are mobile service providers. They have nearly targeted six million people, and they are very impressed with the good work of Mercy Ships.

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