• January 4, 2024

Orange Mobile Finance Has No Contractual Relationship With Super Advertis — Management

Orange Mobile Finance Has No Contractual Relationship With Super Advertis — Management
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Orange Mobile Finance has come forward to clarify that they have no contractual relationship with Super Advertis, nor do they have any frozen account belonging to the company on the Orange Money platform. This statement comes in response to recent claims and incitement on social media that have germinated concerns within the public.

In a statement released on Jan. 3, Orange Mobile Finance emphasized that their agents, dealers, and partners are bound by the scope of their contractual operations. Any activity outside of this scope are met with necessary action in accordance with regulations to protect their customers.

Customers who have transacted with Super Advertis are urged to contact the respective agent through whom the payment was made for refund processing if necessary. Additionally, agents encountering challenges in their operational activities are advised to follow the procedures by contacting the Orange Mobile Finance Back-office.

Furthermore, Orange Mobile Finance has strongly admonished Super Advertis to refrain from the use of inciting statements calling for vandalism of Orange Mobile Finance premises and properties. The company affirms its commitment to upholding the law to protect its employees and assets.

Orange Mobile Finance also reassured the public that any legally registered company in Sierra Leone has the option to establish a partnership with them. They emphasized that the company operates with the highest ethical standards in accordance with the laws and regulations and remains an internationally reputable company.

The company’s statement comes as a response to recent developments, aiming to address concerns and clarify its standing in the midst of escalating social media incitements. Orange Mobile Finance intends to uphold its reputation and continue serving its customers with integrity and transparency.

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