• October 2, 2023

Police, Kush Dealers Romance 

Police, Kush Dealers Romance 
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By FORUM NEW Staff Writer


Residents of Shell Old Road, Parsonage and Salmon Streets in the East of Freetown have accused the leadership of the Sierra Leone Police attached to the Kissy Division of romancing with kush dealers at No. 6 Salmon Street.

George Alhassan, commonly known as ‘Chair’, and Emmanuel Garber, also known as ‘Tayor’ of the same address, have been identified as individuals responsible for keeping community youth stuck in drug abuse.


‘I am surprised that a missionary compound has been turned into a brothel for prostitution and a drug cartel. During our youthful days, No. 6 Salmon Street was among one of the compounds at Kissy known for discipline, in sync with the Christianity doctrine. But sadly the compound in question has in the recent past degenerated to something unpleasant,’ disclosed Desmond George.


The compound in question is notorious for hosting many underage girls who are knee deep in teenage prostitution, which causes persistent gatherings of large crowds of drug addicts and teen prostitutes chasing each other night in and out.


According to residents of Salmon and Parsonage Streets, police have on several occasions raided the notorious compound and made dozens of arrests with exhibits, but those arrested together with their drugs and cash are always released afterwards on self-bail conditions while the community continues to face the challenges of teenage prostitutes and drug abuse.


The situation is reported to have stimulated the confidence of addicts, dealers and teen-prostitutes, all of whom seem much comfortable in the illegal drug trade.


‘The Sierra Leone Police’s raid of this compound is nothing but formality. I always ensure that monthly envelops are made available for the Local Unit Commander (LUC), Kissy Division, and at the Kissy Police Post,’ revealed drug dealer George Alhassan.


At No. 6 Salmon Street, Off Personage Street at Kissy, FORUM NEWS was reliably informed, tops the list of streets at Kissy with alarming rates of drug abuse. Drug users are almost always spotted at nights occupying the small corners of Salmon Street, posing security threats to the community.


However, the alleged commercialisation of legitimate policing, the LUC of Kissy Division, Crime Officers of Police Posts across Kissy, stinks to a point that many kush and other drug dealers have started demonstrating against police placing price tags demanding specific amounts of monthly money kush dealers should be dishing out to the conventional security forces to turn a blind eye to their trade.


The new monthly price that has been reportedly tagged by the Kissy Division LUC and COs across the geo-policing unit does not resonate well with drugs dealers, a senior SLP personnel attached to the Kissy Division told FORUM NEWS.


However, with mental oddities on the hike, with most countries’ youthful populations going mad as a result of kush addiction, the SLP is expected to treat the current drug menace facing the country with the degree of seriousness it deserves, rather than exploiting the situation as an opportunity to enrich themselves and tarnish the hard earned reputation of the personnel of the Sierra Leone Police ‘for a meagre sum that’s worth nothing’.

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