• August 1, 2023

Political Intimidation… SLRSA Staff on the Run

Political Intimidation… SLRSA Staff on the Run
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Mohamed Sinneh Kamara, a civil servant working for the Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority (SLRSA) has taken to his heels out of the country as a result of the huge political pressure he faced during and after the just concluded 2023 elections.

According investigation carried out by the FORUM NEWS-SL revealed that the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority-SLRSA staff encountered his first political threat with the incumbent Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) thugs that labelled themselves as ‘Soja Team’ that went on the rampage targeting supporters of the opposition All People Congress Party (APC) killing and destroying properties with impunity just after the announcement of the 2023 presidential elections that ushered in President Julius Maada Bio for a second term.

Since then, the Sierra Leonean in question continues to live his life in fear, increase political violence and intimidations accompanied with police brutality on them as opposition members and supporters.

The situation become worse when the required justice needed by those aggrieved party were converted into crimes against the aggrieved party by the Sierra Leone Police and charged them to courts for various Public Order offences.

The Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority staffs who was serving as manager in one of the departments, (SLRSA) was sidelined and authority delegated to a junior staff that was serving as Training License Officer.

The Training License Officer, the forum learnt was far from been qualify for the said position both in terms of experience and qualification but however opportune to be delegated managerial obligations, just because it’s a ‘tribe man ‘(Mende) who persistently subjected Mohamed S. Kamara to harassment and intimidation in his workplace thereby making the job became uninterested and decided to go on a French leave.

As the 2023 elections was just a skip to catch, political violence and intimidations intensify on Mohamed Sinneh Kamara that made him decided leaving his country of birth to London, 30 May 2023, depriving him the opportunity to vote for the candidate of his choice.

Reliable source intimated this medium that following the announcement of the 2023 presidential election by the Chief Returning Officer, Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL), Mohamed K. Konneh, that saw President Bio’s re-election, wife of Mohamed S. Kamara called him to inform that unknown youths rushed into their resident in Makeni, North of the country, 28 June in a desperate search of him.

This medium was informed that the unknown youths were quoted saying: “Anywhere we see your husband Mohamed Sinneh Kamara that will be the end of his life, we will kill him like a fowl.”

These threatening remarks prompted the wife and children to live Makani for Freetown.

Further investigations have it that Mohamed Sinneh Kamara has been a member of the APC since 2018 and has recently rose to the position of Youth District Chairman, Kambia District that has publicly participated in different activities of the party.

Mohamed Sinneh Kamara was also spotted on the 17 July peaceful protest by Sierra Leoneans in the United Kingdom, West Minister office calling on the UK government to save Sierra Leone’s democracy pointing out the lack of transparency in the tallying and tabulation processes of the just concluded June 24 presidential election.

It could be recalled that since the start of political campaigns across the country, reports of political violence and intimidations especially in the incumbent strong holds was visible in the preliminary reports of international and regional election mission observers two days after June 24 pools.

Many Sierra Leoneans lost their families and properties just because they decided to associate themselves with different political parties.

Democracy demands freedom of political affiliation which the opposition holds the view stands contrary under the administration of President Bio and the SLPP faithfuls.

Unlike, former President Ernest Bai Koroma, the country’s democracy was sandwiched by peace, violence and tribalism free, with less innocent killings of civilians.

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