• October 2, 2023


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The Company Secretary and Director of Corporate Affairs of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB), Victor T. Biandoma, Esq has said in no uncertain terms that it is the policy of the bank to take legal action against any staff caught in fraudulent activities.


The bank’s management has a non-compromising tolerance for any sort of fraud committed by its staff and therefore does not sweep such acts under the rug.


He said the bank’s top priority is to maintain customers’ trust and would continue to guarantee its customers that the bank does not condone corrupt practices in its operations.


The safety of customers’ monies, etc. is assured, and SLCB will continue to lead as the bank that has always remained serviceable to its community during difficult times with no loss or to the detriment of its valued customers.


Victor T. Biandoma, Esq was responding to ‘The Satellite’ newspaper about SLCB staff members who were dragged to court.


He averred that no staff at SLCB was above the law and that the bank would institute legal action against anyone who fell short of the law to protect customers and its integrity as the ‘People’s Bank’.


He assured their esteemed customers of the maximum protection of their monies and investments at all times.


‘Since the history of the establishment of the bank, SLCB has strived as the biggest bank in the industry due to the robust internal and external policies and controls instituted by management and its board,’ Victor concluded.


SLCB is a 100 per cent indigenous commercial bank with undisputed leadership in the banking industry of Sierra Leone.

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