• January 5, 2024


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The Bank of Sierra Leone through the smart leadership of the no nonsense Governor, Dr. Ibrahim L. Stevens, has last Thursday 5 January 2024 exposed yet another illegal entity covertly operating in the country’s financial industry.

‘SUPER ADVERTIS’, is an unlicensed financial entity, disclosed the Bank of Sierra Leone.

The central bank in pursuant of its legal mandate in ensuring the safety and soundness of the financial system in Sierra Leone informed via a public notice issued Thursday 5 January 2024, that the Bank of Sierra Leone has not granted a licence to ‘SUPER ADVERTIS’ to conduct any financial activity in the country.

The Central Bank described the financial activity of ‘SUPER ADVERTIS’ as ‘illegal’, and therefore warned the public to desist from dealing with ‘SUPER ADVERTIS’ by way of any financial transaction.

The Bank of Sierra Leone also encouraged the public to look for the Bank of Sierra Leone issued licence that is placed in the premises of any financial institution that are licenced by the Bank of Sierra Leone before engaging in any financial transaction with ‘SUPER ADVERTIS.’

The Bank of Sierra Leone furthered cautioned that business entities that are not licenced with by central bank, but are engaged in similar financial activities to desist from such practices.

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