• November 13, 2023

Unfair Treatment of Workers… PEE CEE & SONs Exposed!!!

Unfair Treatment of Workers… PEE CEE & SONs Exposed!!!
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BY Donstance Koroma

Hon. Catherine Zainab Tarawalli has exposed one of Sierra Leone’s leading import companies, PEE CEE and Sons during an engagement with fishing companies by the Parliamentary Committee of Fisheries and Marine Resources of which the Honorable is a member.

She informed the committee members and the industrial fishing sector that during one of her visits at Waterloo and its environs, she came to the realization that PEE CEE and SONS is operating a cooling facility for frozen food but at the same time also operating a separate cooling facility selling fish, for which the lawmaker said falls under the committee’s mandate.

Hon. Tarawallie further informed the Committee and the industrial fishing sector that Sierra Leoneans working in both cooling facilities are all in probation, yet working in such facilities without any protective gears is very risky.

The Hon. MP pointed accusing finger on Sierra Fisheries Company that is currently enjoying the biggest catch in the country to be selling fish to PEE CEE & Sons to be aware of the current happenings at Waterloo, Western Rural District.

Sierra Fisheries representative at the committee’s engagement highlighted his disappointment at the revelation made by the lawmaker , Hon Catherine Tarawallie describing it as immoral for PEE CEE & SONS to function a cooling system for the sale of fish knowing they didn’t have the legal authority to do so. “We are selling fish to them, but that does not warrant them to sell” Sierra Fisheries representative reiterated.

Chairperson, Parliamentary Committee on Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon. Nenneh Lebbie in a snap interview with the media after the end of the engagement disclosed that it stands clear that the country’s artisanal fishing sector cannot be rely upon for the supply of fish in the local markets, hence the reason for the meeting  aimed at   triggering  the industrial fishing sector on their challenges and how the government can intervene in ensuring that good fishes are readily available in the local markets .

“I am not happy with the fact that fishing companies are winning up in the country, it reminds me to realize that there are issues” Hon. Lebbie said.

She promised to meet with the ministry with the aim of reviewing regulation and policies regarding the hygiene of fishing companies and encourage fishing companies with standard processing plants. She said many of the fishing companies that had winded up singled out the rapid increase on the cost of fuel as a major reason.

The motive behind the engagement was for the Parliamentary Committee on Fisheries and Marine Resources interface with industrial fishing companies in Sierra Leone to an interactive discussion with the view of the Committee of Fisheries and Marine Resources get firsthand information the challenges and how they can work towards surmount those challenges, but more importantly of how the industrial fishing sector can contribute to the government Feed Salone Initiative and also contribute to the breadbasket of the country.

Several workers for Pee and Sons who have decided to remain anonymous highlighted some of the gruesome treatment and unprotected/ unsafe working environment from the company. “I only work here because there is no option for me…the environment is not conducive for us as workers, he lamented.

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