• December 19, 2023

14-Year old sexually abused by her uncle

14-Year old sexually abused by her uncle
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By Alusine Fullah

A 14 year old girl has been sexually abused by her own uncle at Masiaka. The incident left the young girl broken as she was deflowered in a horrifying manner by a relative she had so much respect for. According to a witness, the occurrence on the wrong night, was sadly witnessed by the victim’s father whose swiftness drew the attention of others that led to the arrest of the perpetrator by the Sierra Leone Police

According to a phone from Masiaka Police Station, the victim was taken to the Port Loko referral health centre as the matter was reported to the Masiaka Police Division and the perpetrator detained in police custody.

From a close source, who has asked for anonymity he whispered to this medium that: “Despite the severity of the offence and the condition of the victim, they want to settle the matter in a family or traditional way for the perpetrator to be granted impunity. The victim’s father is being pressured by half of the family are-like to have the perpetrator released from police detention…” Turning the mike to the police, they have denied such allegation from the anonymous source.

He said although the rape didn’t left a serious physical damage in the victim’s body, the stigma has taken a toll on her wellbeing, adding that she has been intermittently ill from time to time since the sad incident occurred.

Talking to the victim’s father on the phone, he has expressed great disappointment over this issue. He muttered: “This is a pure act of wicked violence. Women and girls must be respected at all times. My daughter does not deserve such treatment. She is a very promising young girl…I need sober justice…

Sexual violence against minors is not new in Sierra Leone. In 2021, the Family Support Unit of the Sierra Leone Police registered 4,468 cases of violence against children, with almost half of these cases constituting sexual offences, mostly against girls (2,064).

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