• January 18, 2023

Meeting of APC Leaders Bouys Party Faithful

Meeting of APC Leaders Bouys Party Faithful
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Last week, under the aegis of the fmr Chair & Leader, frmr Pres. Koroma, the APC flag bearer aspirants held what was described as a very fruitful strategic meeting in Makeni. Earlier today, under the guidance of the fmr deputy Chair &Leader, Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray, there has been a follow – up interaction.
News about these meetings has provided renewed hope to a hitherto despairing APC followership. Members of the public alike, despondent with the biting hardship, welcome this development.
The agony is palpable in streets, in offices and in homes; this country cannot afford another five painful years of this divisive and wicked SLPP government.
Even from a distance, one can see that these fine leaders are striving to put aside their differences and work together in a patriotic response to the calls of the suffering public.
Everyone believes that if these APC leaders unite, nothing will stop them from defeating Bio’s clueless SLPP in the June 24 polls.

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