• January 10, 2024

Africell Commits to Supporting Viable Business Growth – MD

Africell Commits to Supporting Viable Business Growth – MD
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The Chief Executive Officer of one of the viable mobile operators in the country, Africell Sierra Leone Limited, Shadi Gerjawi has registered his company’s commitment towards laying solid foundation for viable business growth in the country.

Mr Gerjawi made the commitment whiles addressing Africell SL Ltd 2024 Annual Management Retreat, which is aimed at empowering communities through the enhancement of customer satisfactions and bolstering subscribers.

“Our success is intricately tied to the prosperity of the communities we serve. By actively contributing to their growth and well-being, we will not only fulfil our social obligations but also lay the foundation for sustainable business expansion,” CEO reassured all, and underscored integral role community welfare plays in Africell’s overall mission.

During the retreat, Africell SL Ltd top executives articulated the strategic vision that places a paramount focus on community development initiatives as a cornerstone of their corporate ethos.

In full recognition of the pivotal role of social responsibility in today’s interconnected world, Africell SL Ltd pledged increased support aimed at uplifting underserved communities across Sierra Leone.Africell’s approach integrates diverse community-centric programmes encompassing education, healthcare, infrastructure development, and economic empowerment.

These initiatives aim to create a lasting impact by fostering positive change and elevating the quality of life for the populace.

Moreover, the company unveiled innovative customer-centric strategies designed to augment user experience and satisfaction. Africell SL Ltd further pledged to leverage state-of-the-art technology and personalized services to cater to the evolving needs of their subscribers, ensuring seamless connectivity and superior service delivery.

The Group’s Chief Commercial Officer based in the United Kingdom head office, Godfrey Efuerhobo underscored the paramount importance of adhering to international best practices in the company’s operations.

Emphasizing the significance of aligning Africell SL Ltd’s practices with global standards, Efuerhobo encouraged his colleagues to prioritize conformity with established benchmarks in the telecommunications industry. “Embracing international best practices isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity in our pursuit of excellence and sustainability,” stated Efuerhobo.

Highlighting the benefits of adopting such practices, he outlined how adherence to international standards fosters operational efficiency, ensures regulatory compliance, and fortifies Africell’s reputation as a responsible corporate entity. Efuerhobo furthered that such adherence would significantly contribute to the company’s growth trajectory and competitive edge within the market.

Efuerhobo underscored the need for consistent innovation and evolution, urging the team to not only meet but surpass industry benchmarks. “By continuously raising the bar and surpassing existing standards, we position ourselves as pioneers, setting new benchmarks rather than merely following established ones,” he asserted.On her part, the Minister of Communications, Technology and Innovation Salima Mornorna Bah reaffirmed the government’s steadfast collaboration with Africell Mobile company as a cornerstone of its comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

Emphasizing the rationale behind this strategic alliance, the minister highlighted pivotal reasons why Africell has become a key partner in the government’s ambitious digital agenda.

The Minister underscored Africell SL’s pivotal role in revolutionizing the nation’s technological landscape through its expansive telecommunications infrastructure and unwavering commitment to enhancing connectivity.

Africell SL Ltd’s widespread network coverage and consistent efforts to bridge the digital divide have significantly contributed to ensuring citizens’ access to essential digital services across the country, aligning seamlessly with the government’s vision of digital inclusion for all.

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