• September 6, 2023

Africell Presents a Brand New Car to First Lucky Winner of Africell Mega Promo

Africell Presents a Brand New Car to First Lucky Winner of Africell Mega Promo
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As they continue to give out different goodies to their numerous customers across the country, one of the leading mobile companies in Sierra Leone, Africell has officially presented one TVs motor bike to the 5th winner and a brand new car to first lucky winner of the ongoing Africell Mega Promotion draws on Wednesday 6th September 2023 at their Headquarters in Freetown.

Presenting the brand new car key to the first Mega Promo winner, Africell Chief Corporate Affairs, Joe Abass Bangura congratulated the winner and encouraged other Africell subscribers to buy Africell SIM card and recharge NLe 10 to stand a chance of winning a cash prize of NLe 250, a brand new TVs motor bike, and a brand new car.

He said on the 27th of August this year they gathered at their Africell office and declared that within six months they will roll out the same activities they used to do, they will start the same activities and it will run for six months, which commenced in July and it will roll till the month of January 2023.

He disclosed that since the launch of the mega promotion over 316 people have won different prizes and among those numbers, they have 300 people who have won daily cash prizes, 10 people have won the cash daily draws prizes, weekly winners of 5 have won 5 TVs motor bikes out of 24 TVs motor bikes and 1 person has just won the monthly draw of a brand new car.

“You have the opportunity to take part in this draw and also be the winner of a cash prize, motor bike and of course you can be a lucky winner of a brand new car. All you can do is just recharge NLe 10 or replace your SIM card and stand a chance of winning a motor bike or a brand new car” he encouraged.

Receiving the car key, Alusine Jalloh, the winner of a brand new car expressed thanks and appreciation to Africell Mobile Company, adding he was not expecting to be a brand new car owner at the this current moment, even though this is his second car but has never owned a brand new car. As a driver, he said he has a family of two kids and that with the help of his father he went through formal education from collegiate secondary school to that of Milton Margai and winning a car was a surprise to him.

He stated that he has been a constant Africell customer since 2006 having replaced his SIM card for over ten times. Alusine Jalloh explained that this was not the first time he has been attempting to win prizes from Africell whenever Africell embarks on promotions, he will recharge his SIM card just to win but he has never been fortunate to win any prize from Africell.

“This is not my first time attempting to play this for this promotion. I have been doing m, unfortunately I have never won any prize from Africell but that did not discourage me from continuing to recharge my phone. But it actually came as a surprise to me. This is my first time owning a brand new car.” he said.

He sighted that he was over excited and called on Africell subscribers especially, colleagues drivers to continue to recharge their SIM cards, and to those who misplaced or lost their SIM cards to quickly rush and replace theirs to stand a chance of winning the different prizes Africell is giving out.

Giving the background of the first one month of the mega promotion, Marketing and Communications Manager, John Konteh said they shifted the gear a little beat to another speed which started on Tuesday 5th September, they had 10 winners of NLe 250 for every day and all the 10 winners are automatically qualified for the grand draw which happen after month for the second time. He noted that the draw continues on every Saturday to announce a motor bike winner and already he added, they have 5 motorbikes winners at the moment across the country, from Bo, Kenema, Makeni and in Freetown.

He revealed that in Freetown, they have 2 motor bike winners and that this is the gear and this is a switch to make sure that every day they announce 10 winners of NLe 250 each. And one of them will qualify for a grand draw every month to own a brand new car.

Nancy Turay, Event and Sponsorship Manager said promotions and offers are not new to Africell and as a mobile company they set the pace to give out winnings and also fulfill what she called ‘social corporate responsibility’ to their subscribers and also give back to their wonderful customers out there. She intimated that they have done so many promotions and so many offers but with Mega Promo she said, is different, explained that for anyone who wants to be part of the promo the criteria is simple, stating that you first need to be an Africell subscriber.

She encouraged people to go out and get an Africell SIM cards which goes for Le 10 and after they have register their SIM card, she continued that details collected and the thing about the promotion upon activation when you activate a brand new SIM card you will have one chance and the more you recharge Le 10 the more chances you will get inside the mega promo.

“Monday to Friday the draw comes to you at 8pm on AYV TV and all major radio stations across the country. The reason being is that we want to be transparent. And we are not only giving you promotions but we also entertain you. For you it is not fortunate to see us through TV, but if you have internet on your phone you can access us through our Facebook page Africell SL” she said.

She continued that the chances are not carry forward, meaning, the chances are on daily bases, adding that after every evening the draw is done all those that are fortunate to be part of the daily draw will be wiped off for that particular day. She brings to the knowledge of subscribers that there is a service called ‘a credit transfer.’

“For example, let me say if I have recharge NLe 20 and transfer NLe 10 to you, some people will say this individual have transfer NLe 10 to me so I can have a chance, no you will not have a chance at all but the person who initially recharged the NLe 20 already have two chances. So if the person gives you NLe 10, it is just a normal call. So all you need to do is for you to recharge NLe 10 on your Africell SIM card” concluded stated.

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