• May 22, 2020

Africell SL Leads the Way in Optimizing CSR

Africell SL Leads the Way in Optimizing CSR
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By Joseph A. Kamanda

Africell Sierra Leone has now become a household name in the mobile and telecommunications landscape of this country since its establishment barely fifteen years ago. The company now commands the largest percentage of market shares, with high level of honouring its Corporate Social Responsibility to the expectations of government, subscribers and the public as a whole.

Africell Sierra Leone has been at the forefront of dishing out solid communications packages to customers in the country, those on roaming and in other places through the provision of reliable and dependable services to over its five million subscribers, with improved voice calls, SMS, data bundles etc.

It continues to eclipse emerging competitors in the industry with a growing demand for its consistent and affordable packages and promotions, to a peak that most Sierra Leoneans and even foreigners, who were hitherto not subscribe, are now coming on-board just to enjoy what the company is offering including its data bundles, SMS and voice calls as well as other customer care services plus the fastest and most reliable Afri-Money, 4G internet services, a twenty-four 24 hours call centre system among the long list of offers.

Fully complying with the country’s Local Content Policy and aggressive marketing, the brand Africell Sierra Leone has continued to offer formal and informal employment opportunities to many Sierra Leoneans who are now with improved standards of living.

With regards implementing its Corporate Social Responsibility, the company has supported so many worthy courses including giving boosts to education, sports , the health sector and rolling out other programmes that have improved the conditions of life of many needy people.

The company is on record for providing teaching and learning materials to the less opportune pupils, refurbishing of some school buildings in the country. Africell Sierra Leone is a regular sponsor of the Sierra Leone Football Association’s events including all their international football encounters.

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached this country and some people were infected and many sectors in the nation presently are paralysed, including the educational sector, Africell Sierra Leone was quick to respond to the situation. The company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Sierra Leone which entails facilitating online lectures through which students of constituent colleges of that institution could benefit as classes were put on hold as a result of the ravages caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

With the avowed aim of undertaking the beautifications of certain historical places the company embarked on series of infrastructural promotions, including giving a facelift to the famous Cotton Tree at heart of Freetown, constructing a state of the art clock tower in Makeni and now another clock tower in Kenema.

The company has really positioned itself as one of the country’s giant mobile company, since it became fully functional way back in 2005.

It can be safely concluded that the company has for now won the hearts and minds of majority of the populace which is why Africell Sierra Leone is popularly known as “The People’s Network”.  The company is almost climbing well over eighty-seven per cent (87%) of market shares, with more than five million 5,000,000 subscribers.

With all amount of justifications, no one can dispute the fact that because of efficient service delivery Africell Sierra Leone truly deserved the awards it bagged in 2008, 2009, 2016 and in 2019. The company gained the admiration of the All Works of Life (AWOL) an organization that annually recognizes best performing individuals, private and public sector entities in the country for their selfless services to the public and humanity in general

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