• July 1, 2022

Afrimoney, BnB open gateway for money to flow to Sierra Leoneans

Afrimoney, BnB open gateway for money to flow to Sierra Leoneans
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By Osman Kargbo

The national money transfer service provider of Africell GSM company, Afrimoney, and the reputable international money transfer institution BNB have teamed up in a strong partnership to help people in Sierra Leone conveniently, safely and speedily receive monies sent to them from abroad directly into their mobile and Afrimoney accounts.

Afrimoney and BNB signed an agreement on Wednesday  29 June 2022 that has set in train the opportunity for people in Sierra Leone to receive money or remittances from their relatives, friends, partners and other relationships abroad directly into their Africell mobile and Afrimoney accounts hands down in a convenient, reliable and fast manner more than ever before.

“BnB is very pleased to make this partnership with Africell a reality to ensure Africa and Sierra Leone in particular a cashless society,” said BnB Chief Executive Officer Oumar Barry at the signing agreement held on Wednesday at the Boardroom of Africell’s office in Wilberforce.

The BnB CEO for the Group in Sierra Leone said all that Afrimoney users in the country need to do is to download the BnB CashApp onto their phones and upload 0r pick up a code which can be verified by BnB and henceforth the service can be enjoyably utilised to make life easy, simple and convenient.

“BNB is out to improve people’s life,” CEO Barry added, while explaining the simple steps Africell mobile account holders take in order to utilise and enjoy the service. “First, the money is sent directly to your mobile money account, and second, with a BNB pick up Code, you can redirect the money into your Afrimoney account,” he said, adding: “With the BnB CashApp, life can be easy and simple for you Africell mobile account holders.”

Buttressing the statement of the CEO, BnB Group Marketing Manager Chichi Aregbesola said BnB is an internationally reputable money transfer company that is renowned for its reliability, safety, speedy, effective and efficient service to people across the nations its operates.

“BnB started sending money to Africa as a simple solution to help people in Africa overcome the challenges they face in receiving monies or remittances sent to them from abroad,” the marketing manager said, adding: “BnB is safer, faster and easy to use. It is also very secure. As a result we have today large subscribers around the world.”

Expatiating on the rationale behind the life-changing service put to the accessibility and use of the people in Sierra Leone, Afrimoney Director Martison Obeng-Agyei says that Africa relies heavily on remittance, which greatly necessitates such a money transfer service that deposits money directly into the mobile and Afrimoney accounts of Africell subscribers.

Mr Obeng-Agyei said that huge amounts of money or remittances are year in year out increasingly being sent to Africa by African people’s relatives living abroad or in the diaspora. “Last year alone a remittance of about US$45 million was sent to Africa,” the Afrimoney director said. However, he noted, much of these huge amounts of money go to countries like Nigeria, Ghana and The Gambia, whilst Sierra Leone is far from being among the 10 leading countries receiving such remittances. Hence the Afrimoney-BnB money transfer partnership is out to provide the gateway for Sierra Leone to receive increasing amounts of remittances to meet the financial needs of Sierra Leoneans and by extension the economy of the country.

He added:  “The partnership is out to enable Sierra Leoneans abroad to be able to send money from abroad to Sierra Leone with convenience, with the intention to make it as seamless as possible.”

In her remarks, Africell Assistant Media Manger Nancy L. Toure, who moderated the signing ceremony, said Africell’s mission is to improve life for every citizen of Africa. “Hence our partnership with BnB to provide such a service accelerates our vision, as Afrimoney is reliable, fast and secure,” she said.

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