• March 1, 2022

Afro Asia Violates Labour Rights of Workers

Afro Asia Violates Labour Rights of Workers
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Afro Asia Mining Corporation, a Chinese company whose commencement of operations in Largoh, Lower Banta chiefdom Moyamba district faced several deferments due to protests by communities in the then proposed areas of operations, is allegedly bent on the violations of the labour rights of workers through irregular conditions of service.

This was disclosed to Forum at Afro Asia Mining Corporation in Largoh by several casual staff during a recent fact-finding visit to Largo and other mining communities in the southern region.

Worker after the other in interviews with Forum on their respective conditions of service said they are only working but have not been given appointment or employment letters by the company as it is expected. They decried their present working conditions with Afro Asia and called on the Government through the appropriate authorities and right organizations to help in articulating their sad plight with the foreign mining company.

The aggrieved Afro Asia Mining Corporation workers claimed to have been working under conditions of mere uncertainties, and urged the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources, Labour and Social Security and the National Mineral Agency, to come to their sad plight and address the issues on ground.

“We are just working with Afro Asia Mining Corporation on uncertain conditions because since we started duties with them none of us have been given an appointment or employment letter; so basically we don’t know under which exact conditions of service we are working. The situation is a cross-cutting one and something needs to be done by government immediately to address the matter especially for the good of Sierra Leonean workers with Afro Asia,” an anonymous staff told Forum at Site 1, Largoh.

It was also discovered by Forum that no Social Security benefits is paid by Afro Asia Mining Corporation for workers, and they are serving the company on a poorly served meal, provided once per day.

Afro Asia Mining Corporation is also alleged to be paying less concerns to the safety of workers, which also embittered the aggrieved workers when this medium asked one of them about their personal protections and safety: “This kind of a racist company does not deserve to be operating in Sierra Leone because their management is corrupt and does not care for the workers’ condition of service, and our welfare, not to talk of providing us with even safety equipment at work.”

He also alleged that the management of Afro Asia Mining Corporation is engaged in multiple extractions of raw products for which they were never issue licence to mine.

Speaking last Friday to Forum on the allegations made against the management of Afro Asia Mining Corporation by aggrieved workers, one of the Chinese company’s staff who identified himself to Forum as just ‘Allan’ said: “I am surprise in the first place how did you get that information. If you have a problem with our company come and see me. I don’t have time for such discussion now. Listen …listen if you have any issue with us, you need to come to us for clarification. I stay around Milton Margai area but I don’t even have time to see you for that. So if you want a clarification of that you come to me if you want.”

Allan refused to comment directly on allegations of irregular and poor conditions of service of workers at Afro Asia Mining Corporation. He however later on Friday 25 February 2022 called Forum and proposed a meeting for Saturday 26, which backfired or did not materialise, as he also arrogantly refused commenting on the allegations of mistreatment and poor conditions of service of workers

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