• January 30, 2023

Ahead of June Polls… APC LETS PUT OUR EGOS ASIDE -Hon Ibrahim Bundu

Ahead of June Polls…  APC LETS PUT OUR EGOS ASIDE  -Hon Ibrahim Bundu
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By Henry Kargbo

With the continuing soliloquies among members of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), barely four months twenty-four days to the June 24th elections, one of the party’s senior members have called on all to put their individual indifference aside, close ranks and focus on winning the elections for the general good.

The Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) member, Hon Ibrahim Bundu last Friday 27th January 2023 told FORUM at his Wellington Street office at central Freetown that: “Members of the mighty APC should put our egos aside and think of how the party  can return to power in the June 24th 2023 general election under this PR System.”

Hon. Bundu popularly known across APC party quarters and beyond for his vibrancy for the re-election of the APC party to power, is also aspiring for the party’s National Chairman seat.

Hon Bundu disclosed that the APC party is richly blessed with requisite political and material resources to win the 2023 elections if only party members pipe-down their egos, saying; ‘’We will emerge as victory’’, he predicted, adding that is knowledgeable enough in governance and knows very well how to run elections in the PR system recalling that they have dealt with it in 1996.

“Let APC members put aside their egos and put forward an extraordinarily strong candidate as a flag bearer contender. We can warn, suggest, and make beautiful recommendations for the way forward, but ‘if we don’t put the right candidate to run, we will lose the elections big-time’’, he cautioned.

He concluded by saying that the APC party needs a devoted, dedicated, and strong candidate to lead and challenge the Bio led SLPP in June, adding; “As we all know the PR has been reintroduced so let us concentrate on winning the elections at first ballot.”

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