• March 15, 2023

An Open Letter to APC National Chairman  

An Open Letter to APC National Chairman   
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Dear Sir,

APC Names Chericoco as Running Mate, What Next?

The alternative government of Sierra Leone, the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party has finally put an end to the much-awaited running mate issue by naming Hon Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah commonly knowns as Chericoco. Hon Chericoco is a popular Sierra Leonean politician, whose fame cuts across. He is known for his stance especially in parliamentary debates in the attempt to establish and maintain the dignity of his treasured APC party. He is man of the people. He dines and interacts with youth and the grassroots, always touching base down to earth with all and sundry across partisan lines.


APC naming him a running mate to the party’s flagbearer Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara, is a herculean task amidst barrage of qualified and high-profiled politicians, who had wanted the same ticket. The worst of time yet the best of time; managing political issue is a big challenge. You cannot win the hearts of all and sundry without any interjection or opposition. All have a say but not all can take decision. People designated by the hierarchy of the APC party have taken decision.  Whether Chericoco is a saint or a plebian, he has been called upon by the party to a national service which he can deliver like he did in the 2018 presidential elections. The genesis of the political battle has started, internal grievances of the party must settle now to avoid internal divide. Among the manifested candidates for the running mate, only one person has been chosen and political support is highly needed to consolidate political gains.


The issue of running mate has finally been laid to rest. The next target is the political marketing of the presidential and running mate.


Loving a party is to agree with the principles of the party. Contending the principles is looking for a split. The APC should continue to mend fences with aggrieved sects of the party in the spirit of unity, if determined to win the June race to State House.


Political engagement is a necessary tool. APC should continue to engage the other areas in the geopolitical boundaries of Sierra Leone including the media landscape.  Finger pointing and other form of accusations should not be allowed to take precedent on the hard-won peace. Every grievance should have been put aside by now and map out the way forward. Should the APC continue to fight each other in terms of principles?  Principle is indivisible, it is either wholly kept or wholly sacrifice. The slightest concession on the matter of principles infers to the abandonment of principles. Therefore, every grudge, hate, malice be forgotten for now to embrace peace and tranquility.

We are human, characterized by our own short comings. We are not perfect but we work towards perfection. Chericoco has never been a Saint! He is prone to mistake either consciously or otherwise. Is not all you love that you would have; you accept what you have for the time till you get what you want. For now, there is no option but to heave weight behind Chericoco.

The time, energy and other resources spent to support the political hopefuls must now be directed to Dr. Samura Kamara and Chericoco if the APC is fully determined to govern. Intra political spitefulness is an antidote against political unity. This must stop to change the trajectory. Yes, it is true that it is difficult to win the hearts of all; but again kind and thoughtful words are more preferable if you are yawning for peace and tranquillity.

Patience is essential and its stand the test of time. Political arrogance is indispensable in any political gathering. Therefore, tolerance and good disposition are effective in the combat against the menace.

The APC has maned Chericoco and it is expected of all APC members to respect the choice of their party, throw their unflinching support to win the coming elections.

Political taunting is expected to stem from the external to interrupt the peacefulness in the APC. Again, politics is not a do or die business. To reply is good, to avoid is more sacred to avert any form hooliganism or vandalism.


I rest my case.


Please accept the sentiment of my highest regards.

Yours faithfully,


Maada Kapindi M’boma.

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