• April 25, 2020

…and where are we in the New Direction?

…and where are we in the New Direction?
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The shouting is over, the government is here to deliver, but where are we in the new direction? The Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) made lot of promises, which includes cutting down the wage bill to address poverty, using the ministries agencies and departments’ facilities to host conferences etc to reduce cost on public expenditures. We were moved, raising up our hands to thank God that poverty is over. But in the attempt to cut down the wage bill, saw increases in government expenditure, creating ministries to increase the wage bill, excessive travelling cost of the president in search of investors.  It is coming to three years; we are yet waiting to receive the first foreign investor.

President Bio had the opportunity to speak with Bill Gate, and he told him that he (Bio) had provided uniforms; shoes etc. in his Free Quality Education flagship programme to induced him (Bill Gate) to give his support. But to date nothing has been received from Bill in honour of the flagship education programme. Talking to Bill Gate is not the answer, but the works of Bill towards the direction to show his commitment becomes the concern.


The nation was duly informed that Akon the musician promised solar light to boost electricity generation, still waiting. But whether he will do as promised is another part of the story as to date the nation is still waiting for the solar panel. The Lungi Bridge, do we need to talk about it?  Emphatically no!  Where are we in the New Direction? Except the New Direction is a fantasy, bringing us to our doom.


In the political game where, Peter has been robbed to pay Paul!  We saw the sacking and replacement in strategic and non-strategic offices in the name of the New Direction to engross continuity, and with the hope to open a new page.


Now COVID19 provides the excuses to the ineptitude of the government.  Money meant for the frontline health staff of the Covid19 fight have been used to purchase luxury vehicles for staff purported to be support working for the eradication of the pandemic.  But when Covid19 should end I wonder what would be the excuses of the SLPP government.


Today it seems bright and fine for those enjoying the system, while others are crying, managing to make ends meet. Scenarios between the Diasporas and the natives in terms of job accessibilities speak volume for itself.  The Diasporas seem to dominate in the new dispensation with little and nothing to offer, making the system a full foreign hegemony.

Fatima Bio is the First Lady! This we all know! Today she is seen in governance as if she is sharing constitutional matters with the president or as a co-president. Telling the First Lady to keep a very low profile doesn’t mean telling her to keep quiet but to concentrate on issues that will bring development to the state.  I believe by avoiding governmental issue which does not concern her will help the First Lady to be well focused of women’s empowerment and promotions of the courses of women in the informal sector.


The West African Secondary School Certificate Examination is in progress with rumours of leakages, where principal has been brought under questioning by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). This is to prove the authenticity of the rumour making the rounds that mathematics paper was leaked, making the exam another sham.  The Bio led administration promised to settle all the anomalies to make our examinations credible. Examination is part of the Government chores, and must be given the utmost concern. So, President Bio where are you and your New Direction pledges?


Yes, indeed the soldiers of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces are idle? But taking them to the drains to clean them is another issue, especially when there is already a municipality management of Freetown City Council is charged with the mandate of cleaning the city. The soldiers are to defend the nation in time of crisis to man our territorial integrity when there is eny external aggression. Sending them to the drains, parading to keep the city clean, checking for face mask is not their responsibility but a mere threat to the peace of the people. People are out there without job, and they need to be capacitated with all the tools given to the military as a means of employment. Remember, the New Direction promised to create more jobs, but why the military doing the jobs that suppose to be the jobs of the ordinary people?  This is like making the military busier at the expense of the gullible masses. Then, where are the promised jobs?


The loan scheme was pronounced by his President Bio to university students and to all that had the opportunity to have listened to his speech. To date we have seen no students’ loan as promised by president Bio. But whether he is waiting for him to be asked for such provision is another issue.


The market women were crying for loan facilities and the Government promised to look into their affairs, but till then where are the loan facilities in the name of micro – credit? I believe the Bio led Government should provide an answer to the question.


There are several questions to ask, but with several awaited answers. The government needs to tell us where we are in the new direction.  We have waited for too long, and we need and answers now to our problems Mr President. This time around we need no spin doctors to come on the radio and on social media to tell us things that are not correct.


Patient is nice but when it is too much without seeing what has been promised becomes a problem. We are almost rolling to the third year, and when will these promises be fulfilled Mr. President?  Do we need to ask for the manifesto to bring out things for public scrutiny?  We have waited, we are inpatient and we need to know where we are in the New Direction?  Read on!

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