• March 23, 2023

APC Bjorn Greene Vies for Freetown Mayor

APC Bjorn Greene Vies for Freetown Mayor
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By Joseph A. Kamanda & Mohamed Shaw

One of populist opposition All People’s Congress (APC) mayoral aspirants, Bjorn Greene has Tuesday 21 March 2023 officially declared his candidature for the party’s symbol to vie for mayor of Freetown.A job, Greene vowed to deliver on very well as the would-be mayor of the Municipality of Freetown City Council under the ticket of the might APC.

Bjorn Greene made the declaration during the formal unveiling occasion of his mayoral bid, at the APC National Secretariat, on 11A Old Railway Line, Brookfields, West of Freetown.

Announcing his purpose of vying for the mayor of the Municipality of Freetown, Greene informed constituents and party stalwarts that running for the seat of the city father of Freetown, is not about himself, but the city, the APC and his Leader, Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara to go to State House come 24 June.

He expressed strong desire of working with the entire APC National Executive and beyond in making sure that he helps in his own little ways in ensuring that the party win the June 24 at first ballot, and Dr Samura Kamara is seen at State House as the next president of Sierra Leone. Greene thus prayed for God’s opportunity that the APC grant him the symbol to serve the people of Sierra Leone and Freetown specifically.

On inclusiveness Bjorn said, “We want representation from everywhere in the country and in the city and beyond…from Muslims and Christians backgrounds, the youth, women’s disables, traders, commercial bike riders, and people from all facets of the community to work as a team for the progress, transformation and development of Freetown into a modern municipality.”

Explaining some of his developmental vision for the reform of Freetown into a new and attractive city, Greene said, “Based on studies has conducted in other countries including The Gambia, Cape Verd, Senegal and Jamaican to understand their methods and technics of waste managements, revenue collections and mobilization through taxes, city and property rates who share similar situations with Freetown. He said what obtain in those countries are not impossible in Freetown under his leadership as the FCC as a mayor of Freetown.

The APC mayoral aspirant said that his vision is to reafforest the mountain areas of Freetown, provide markets with cold rooms, good sanitation with standard toilet facilities, scale up environmental protection, establish a microfinance system to enable market women and traders to run their businesses sustainably among host of others developmental aspirations lined up on his priority list for the transformation of Freetown as a would-be mayor.

He therefore called for the guidance, directions and protections of God that the APC grant him the opportunity to serve the people of Freetown well.

Earlier informing the occasion about some of the good leadership values of the young populist politician, Hon. Sirajin Rollings Kamara described Bjorn Greene as a man with vast administrative and governance experience. He said that Greene does not say what he cannot do, and recalled several significant contributions being made by Greene in previous by-elections. He explained that the Greene always provide support to all APC aspirants, vividly reflecting on several educational assistances Greene always doles out to non-partisan youth in Kenema from lower high school up to university level. Hon Kamara therefore implored constituents to consider voting Mr Greene as the mayor of Freetown when finally given the APC ticket. He furthered that Green at one time joined a by-election campaign trail in Lunsar, where he was taken to the remotest communities in Marampa in Port Loko district, Northwest region. These among several other key contributions that have been so far registered by Greene toward the progress of the party, clearly manifest the young man’s passion for the APC.

Making a remark at the declaration of Mr Greene the APC Women’s Congress Vice president, Haja Ya Alimamy Manso expressed profound delight to all present at the event and encouraged the women and youngsters to run for elective positions such as Members of Parliament. She said they were at the declaration of Greene to register their respects, as a response to recognition of women of the APC which is why they reciprocated in their Chinese numbers. She encouraged other youngers of the party to emulate the good values of Bjorn Greene and support his vision of transforming the city of Freetown.

The APC Western region Organizing Secretary, former Councillors of Freetown City Council, representatives of APC Concerned Commercial Motorbike Riders and traders made supportive contributions all unanimously endorsing Bjorn Greene for the mayor of Freetown.

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