• May 23, 2023

APC Goes Proactive

APC Goes Proactive
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By Henry Kargbo

Dr. Richard Konteh, a firebrand and fearless member of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party Elections Management Committee has categorically told the Electoral Commission Sierra Leone (ECSL), Monday 22nd May 2023 that the APC will deliberately boycott the peace match organised by the commission ahead of political campaigns for the June 24th elections.

According to Dr Konteh, the APC has come under serious attacks by the incumbent Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP), noting, the party wasted no time but raised the issues in previous Political Party Regulations Commission (PPRC) meetings for authorities concerned to look into the said issues but to no avail.

Recounting some of the incidents, Dr. Konteh said an APC aspirant in Kenema district that was seriously brutalised by operatives and members of SLPP.

He told the media that the APC’s parliamentary aspirants both women in Kenema district were also brutalised by members and supporters of the SLPP.

Both APC women are currently on the run for fear of their lives, which he stressed is uncalled for, hence the reason why the authorities concerned should not have treated the said issue with levity.

He added, many of APC supporters had and continues to face attacks resulting to burning of houses and other valuable properties destroyed, yet nothing been done to address the injustices mated against APC supporters and members in south and east of the country.

Ironically, despite all the attacks, APC members and supporters are always detained, he stressed.

Dr Richard Konteh recalled the nomination process where APC supporters were attacked by SLPP and poured raw acid on them with a severe beaten, the incident he noted flooded the social media.

“The matter was reported, regrettable, APC supporters were arrested and detained in Bo” he nodded his head in dissatisfaction.

As I speak, they are still in detention and as a party, we are very much concern about this ugly happens, he said.

He noted there are other issues that has to do with voters’ registrations which he noted the ECSL Boss stands acknowledgeable about lot of abnormalities in the process, citing the issue of misuse of missed information, photos among other things, which he disclosed was raised by the APC that he said is yet to be addressed properly.

Since the elections will be conducted on first past the post, if those concerned remain unresolved, will have very serious issue on polling day, he concluded.

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