• October 24, 2023

APC IS DECEITFUL – Grassroots        

APC IS DECEITFUL – Grassroots        
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Many members, supporters and well-wishers of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) were left disappointed by their political godfathers including Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara and team upon receiving news of the outcomes of the political dialogue that ended favouring APC politicians, leaving voters and supporters basking in regrets.

Many followers of the political trends before the starts of the mediation onto the dialogue state were of the strongest options that the recent and final European Union (EU) Report on the June 24 election firmly positioned the APC on better footings even before the start of the talks.

Following the denting EU report that discredited the Sierra Leone Police, Civil Society Organizations, the Republic of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces, the Office of National Security and the Office of the President with regards the manner in which those institutions conducted themselves during and after the elections were strong points that the APC should have pinpointed on to justify that the 2023 presidential election was stolen and that President Bio is governing the country on ‘a stolen mandate,’ but low and behold, the much expected rerun of elections or the government of inclusion never formed part of the recommendations.

With the true revelation by the EU report that neither Julius Maada Bio nor Dr Samura Kamara reached the 55% threshold in the just concluded presidential poll implies that nobody won, hence the need for a runoff naturally necessitated itself.

With the competency of those that represent  the APC in the said dispute mediation to have allow the incumbent to carry the day brings to mind rumours that were making the round that elders of the APC party has traded the party position for selfish political gains at the detriment of the grassroots.

Genuinely, APC grassroots supporters are deeply disappointed that elders of the party decide to treat them like pinch of salt which demonstrated that the APC is unreliable.

Despite the APC decision not to share Adebayo’s audios in any of the APC WhatsApp groups for disclosing that the former APC presidential flagbearer for the 2023 election alongside other senior members of the APC are reported to have accepted monies from President Bio and the SLPP government for stolen the mandate of the majority in just concluded election justifies itself.

The decision has left many Samura Kamara fans unhappy over the decision of ‘King Adebayor’ to have allegedly showered their APC presidential candidate with abusive languages on the accusation of him betraying voters and partisan confidence.

With silence conspiracy by both the governing Sierra Leone’s People Party (SLPP) and the opposition APC to discourage Adebayo from producing any other audio is clearly evident in the press release issued last Friday 20 October, 2023 that called on the government to look at their affected supporters in the concluded elections violence activities in the June 24 polls for the government consideration.

“The SLPP joined the Government of Sierra Leone and the APC in condemning all individuals who incite violence in the country either online or offline and the SLPP will work closely with the government to bring those people to justice” the press release reads.

Adebayor, the only credible political activist and commentator since 2018 to date has also received recognition by the European Union observer missions report on the 2023 elections.

The EU report singled out the Sierra Leoneans political commentator and activist base in Holland for his role in popularizing the Proportional Representation (PR) system used to conduct the just concluded elections in the country.

Going forward, Adebayor in the coming days and months will be the Ikemefuna of Sierra Leone that the two political giants have decided to quiet him for fear of him continue to expose both the odds of the incumbent and the opposition going forward.

The conspiracy by the SLPP government and the APC to prevent Adebayor from releasing any audio can be seen by Adebayor’s listeners as a test case for the social media activist to prove weather his actions are geared towards political recognition and compensation or the general good of the people and country.

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