• December 4, 2023


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A babysitter by mere definition for our first time readers is simply one who takes care of a child when the parents are out on assignments. In the case of the APC, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon Kargbo, is not new, nor is his parents being on assignments. The more reason he should be allow to work with his own mind without the interferences and dictates outsiders from the House is that he is not working for them but for the people of Sierra Leone. When you were there, nobody dictated for you.           

Did we overhear somebody inquisitively asking for the exact whereabouts of the new babysitters of the Leaders of Opposition in the House of the Sixth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone? Yes!

The actual babysitters this context are some members of the current executive of the All People’s Congress (APC) including the former presidential candidate and his deputy candidate of the June 24 2023 general elections.

They are clandestinely bent on micromanaging the affairs of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Parliament. Confirmed and reliable sources from the Chambers of the Speaker of the House at Tower Hill, Freetown and that of the ECOWAS Speaker in Abuja exposed their (opposition leaders) plans to us.

That action in its entirety is wrong and the doers must stop now before they are named and shamed in subsequent editions, as the established facts are that Abdul Kargbo is not in the House one serving his personal interest or just the few so-called defeated APC leaders, but the people of this country and the APC.

And whoever is attempting to dictate to him what should be done should stop and stay off from doing so, because no matter the situation, decisions for parliamentarians have long been reached and sealed. So people must and should give Kargbo a bit of respite to be his own and do what is in the House for as leader of the opposition not as stooge of failed APC presidential and deputy presidential aspirants.

Hon Kargbo is not there to be receiving babysitting coaching from both defeated APC presidential and deputy presidential aspirants in a bid to impose their mentorships to him. No! We in this media house, FORUM NEWSPAPER totally condemn that. You have lost, so go to your villages and console yourselves. So have ideas. Why you failed to use those ideas during the June general elections? Why now on Opposition Leader, Abdul Kargbo? Why also didn’t they continue to challenge the outcome of the election only to be sneaking into the Office of the Speaker to dictate the pace of parliamentary operations in the office of the opposition leader?

Although the leader of the Opposition in the House is there represent the interests of the APC, concerns keep emerging from among partisans about the interventions of some APC politicians in the affairs of the office of Abdul Kargbo in parliament. And whoever is traveling all the way from the APC National Secretariat on 11A Railway Line Brookfields Freetown to the House of Parliament at Tower Hill Freetown should stop before we name and shame the specific individual politician. Those unseen hands of veteran lawmakers and filed politicians whose services left his party with dozens of allegations of double handedness must allow Kargbo to be much eligible for the job at hand. Thus the self-hired coaches’ moves aimed at micro-managing the roles, functions of the Leader of the Opposition, Abdul Kargbo, and to a large extent trying to be influencing decisions are uncalled for and they should be discontinue moving forward.

The ECOWAS MP Seat deal has long been done dusted in favour of Hon Mohamed Bangura. It cannot be reversed according to inside sources at the secretariat in Abuja. So Hon Kargbo as leader of the APC in the House should focus on better things for the good of the APC and the country as a whole instead of being pushed to pursue an ECOWAS that has already been taken by Hon Bangura.

Hon Mohammed Bangura is one of the two APC MPs plus two ruling party lawmakers and a Paramount Chief MP, who are at ECOWAS parliament.

So the idea by certain APC leaders calling for the incorporation of Hon Abdul Kargbo’s name on the list of APC MPs to represent Sierra Leone parliament at ECOWAS in Abuja has not only failed but went that far in exposing non-parliamentary APC politicians. It also educates the publics about the facts that you no matter your during of service in the House you can never eat your cake and have it…you cannot be out of parliament and dictate the pace of operations therein.

However, young he appears to be, Hon Kargbo deserves no amount of coaching on the job and even at his new political leadership level House and in the APC party. Hon Kargbo is certainly the main man now at the helm of affairs, fully charged with the ultimate tasks of providing the required political leadership responsibilities for and in the interest of the APC party in the House of Parliament and the country as a whole. Hon Kargbo therefore need much time to focus on the real issues of the day unfolding in the House of Parliament… matters that concerns the daily livelihoods of the masses not rather than to be clamouring for ECOWAS parliamentary seat.

So be it APC veterans should stay away from the young man and give him a bit of respite to do the job for which he is being paid from taxpayers moneys. The APC trust Kargbo and have confidence in him that is why he was recently elevated to the current level he now attains in the House.

There is no way a divided APC can influence the reversal of a decision that has already been taken by incumbent law makers.

What Abdul Kargbo should be mindful of is that his leadership role in the House. Experiences earned by APC members, supports and followers under recent past leaders are not good for the party and there seem to be the same failures trying to take chances by ways of distracting your attention from doing the correct things.

So drop your bout for the ECOWAS MP seat, and go back to political shrines for more fortification. For Hon Abdul Kargbo, please focus to your leadership work in the House, and NEVER ALLOW them, (the APC LEADERS) to babysit you. Lonta!!

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