• March 10, 2023

APC Parliamentary Hopeful Inspire All to Collect Voter Cards

APC Parliamentary Hopeful Inspire All to Collect Voter Cards
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By Ilyasa Baa

As Sierra Leone joined the world in commemoration of International Women’s Day on Wednesday, 8th March 2023 the APC parliamentary aspirant for the Western Urban District, Aminata Sesay encouraged all to turn out in their Chinese numbers at voter registration centres to collect their identity cards, commencing from 17th – 26th March.

Sesay said voting for the APC and effecting a regime change, starts from registration and collection of voter ID cards to enable anyone to cast his/her ballot come Saturday 24th June. She said the men and women of her party need to understand the significance of collecting their voter I.D. cards from the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL). She stressed that the governance of the country will return to the main opposition APC party if their supporters see the need to collect their voter I. D. cards massively at every polling centre across the country. “APC believes in inclusion, love and infrastructural development”, she said and added that it is left with the electorates to collect their voters cards and cast their votes for things to  change for the benefit of all   Sierra Leoneans.

Speaking in an interview with FORUM Madam Sesay expressed the need for institutions to continue providing mentorship for the women especially those vying for public offices. “Having undergone some mentorship and effective training, I feel very strong to contribute to national development and contest with the men at the forthcoming parliamentary election”, Natado maintained. She also expressed strong desires to serve her country is much greater than any form of intimidation being a finisher.

She said women in Sierra Leone are vulnerable to many forms of abuses especially rape being a sensitive issue. She commends the government for enacting stringent laws against rape noting that more needs to be done in that direction like setting up of Safe Houses in the districts to protest rape victims which are currently lacking.

Madam Sesay is an outstanding self-employed nurse who had worked with the National Health Serve in England in the United Kingdom and recently returned home having been inspired by other well-meaning Sierra Leoneans to help develop the Urban District.

APC supporters in the Western Area have commended Madam Sesay for her courage leaving her comfort zones in the UK to come and her country and humanity. They called on the APC party to award the hardworking woman the parliamentary seat symbols so that she can contribute to the development of the community.

It could be recalled that the passing of the Gender Equality Act, which prescribes 30% quota for women, the political landscape has seen many women vying for political positions with preparedness ahead of 24th June elections.

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