• October 2, 2023

APC’s Unwavering Resolve amidst Electoral Challenges

APC’s Unwavering Resolve amidst Electoral Challenges
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By Umaru S. Jah, Germany

As members of the All People’s Congress (APC), we find ourselves at a critical juncture in the ongoing dialogue between our party and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) concerning alleged fraud in the June 24 elections. For this reason, we emphasise unity, trust in Dr. Samura Kamara’s leadership, and, above all, the virtue of patience.


In the face of electoral turbulence, the APC’s legacy of serving our nation’s interests and striving for a better Sierra Leone remains unshakable. Our dedication to the welfare of the people and democratic principles has solidified our role as a stalwart force in our nation’s political landscape. Our call for a rerun of the June 24 elections is anchored in our steadfast belief that safeguarding the sanctity of the electoral process is imperative for democracy to thrive.


However, achieving this goal is laden with obstacles and setbacks. The intricacies of political dialogue, especially concerning election integrity, demand attention and patience. Hasty conclusions can inadvertently undermine the very cause we champion.


Dr. Samura Kamara’s leadership exemplifies an unwavering commitment to precision and thoroughness in pursuing the APC’s demands. Placing our trust in this approach is of paramount importance.


Dr. Samura Kamara and his team have shouldered the responsibility of representing our party’s interests in these critical discussions. They grasp the gravity of our circumstances and understand the hopes of our grassroots supporters. Our best interest is to stand by their side and entrust them with our judgment.


In this context, patience is not a mark of weakness but a testament to our commitment to due process and the rule of law. Therefore, we must grant our representatives the time and diligence to explore every avenue and consider every piece of evidence.


We must always remember that Dr Samura Kamara and his team are not only fighting for the APC but also for the very principles of democracy and justice that underpin our society. Their dedication to our cause should inspire us to remain patient and resolute.


In times like this, our unity is our greatest strength. We, the grassroots members of the APC, must stand shoulder to shoulder, unwavering in our support for our leadership as they deftly navigate the intricate web of negotiations. Our trust in them is not misplaced; it is a testament to our unswerving belief in the principles upon which our party was founded.


Though feeling frustrated and impatient during these trying times is natural, our commitment to justice and fairness must remain unshaken. By trusting Dr. Samura Kamara and his team, we bolster our position and enhance the likelihood of a just resolution to this electoral dispute.


Let us stand as one, united and resolute in our pursuit of justice. Together, we shall emerge from this challenging period stronger than ever, ensuring that the resounding voice of the people of Sierra Leone is heard and respected.

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