• October 28, 2023

ARISE, KINGHO SOLUTION… Relief for Double – Handed Politicians

ARISE, KINGHO SOLUTION…  Relief for Double – Handed Politicians
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By Donstance Koroma

Credibility, my great grandmother once told me is what is missing in past and present politicians of Sierra Leone.

When I was growing up I found it difficult to comprehend how can citizens with such political tittles like Presidents, Speakers of Parliament , ECOWAS Speakers , ministers, Hon. Members of Parliament, Ambassadors , Permanent Secretaries and Directors that are supposed to usher any nations into development had and continues to be accuse of lacking credibility?

As a grown up , coupled with the number of years in the profession of journalism, I have come to the realization that most if not all of the above mentioned categories of politicians and civil servants lack credibility big time.

The recent silence diplomatic war between Arise IIP and Kingho was brought to the heart of the media after both companies came to the realization that certain high profile government officials of the SLPP Bio led has glutinously ate with both hands that has brought shame on them thereby presenting themselves a mere mockery in the eyes and taught of both investors, international committees and citizens of the general republic.

With the hidden secret of politic, it is nothing but selfish consideration, high profile politicians from the presidency, legislative and judicial arms of government, the office of the Attorney General and minister of Justice, the parent Ministry of Mine and Mineral Resources allegedly stand accuse of eating with both hands that nearly landed the country to another mitigation case that felt sad memory in the minds of well meaningful citizens.

With the highest bidders always win contract, is how astonish Kingho was to learnt that Arise IIP is in the country to compete for the Pepel rail and port facility as Arise IIP intention is bending toward the rebirth of a train transportation system in the country.

This brings Kingho to deeply pondering why Sierra Leonean politicians lack credibility by saying yes today and tomorrow a big no?

Why Sierra Leonean politicians always lay premium on individualism rather than the nation first, are the immediate questions that will run through the minds of foreigners that are yet to come into terms with the said reality.

Why must group of individual’s personal desire overshadow a political manifesto promise of creating five thousand (5000) just like that?

Why should a hand full of politicians debar the country and citizens of enjoying the benefits that are associated with a nation having an industrial zone?

The decision of the government to lie-down like a twin mother for both children to have equal access to breastfeeding was a step in the right direction to prevent Sierra Leone making international headlines for the wrong reason again.

Many mining experts that were following trend with regards the battle for supremacy between Kingho and Arise IIP in respect to the management of the Pepel port and rail facility has lauded the government for doing the needful to appease both companies to avoid further court litigation by either of the two parties.

Information filtering into Forum News from the passageways of State House and the ministry of Mine and Mineral Resources revealed that the State was able to device amicable way out of the miscalculation engulfing the rail and port facility in the North and Northwest of the country resulting to a wining for all and a lost to none.

Government source whispered to Forum News that the port of pepel and the Marampa iron ore mine is presently operated and managed by Kingho, now Leone Rock Metal Group refurbished the tracks and harbor for shipment of its iron ore since 2010 has been managing and operating the said facility of the railway and pepel port for transport and export of millions of tons of iron ore.

That notwithstanding, State House source further revealed to Forum News SL that the said facility has huge prospects and opportunities for expansion with multiple rail tracks, terminal stations along the rail corridor, storage facilities for perishable goods and movement of large members of people from hard to reach communities to that part of the country.

State House source whispered to Forum News that the above mentioned expansion provisions available is where Arise IIP will be consider for possible expansion of the embattle rail facilities.

The reason for the said decision was born out of the reality that Arise IIP business proposal speaks towards the setting up of an industrial zone that will necessitates Arise IIP to be transporting their locally source raw materials from hard to reach areas of the country to the propose industrial city that will consist of multiple industries in Koya Chiefdom, Port Loko District, North West Region of Sierra Leone.

However, between 2011 and 2014, elsewhere Africa Mineral set out to establish a new standard gauge railway from the Tonkolili iron ore mine to a new port at Targin point with the hope that other future investors will eventually expand the facility and cater to the needs for passengers’ movement and transportation of goods.

It could be recalled that of recent Arise IIP pronounced it was bringing in trains for passenger movement from Tonkolili through Bombali to Port Loko district.

The decision of the government, Forum was told has made it possible for Arise IIP to actualize their dream of revitalizing movement and trade access through passenger train service  again into the country after significant number of years.

The government will grant Arise IIP the opportunity to actualize its project idea by building or refurbishing, if possible, the Pepel to Tonkolili infrastructure to grasp its business goal of introducing landmark passenger rail service and rail connection to Guinea, State House source told Forum SL.

To prevent Kingho from future embarrassment for the maintenance of the rail infrastructure owing to the fact that its needs to be transporting iron rod, Arise IIP will focus on passenger movement and the transportation of goods, particularly its raw materials to the industrial zone in Lungi for possible manufacturing and processing.

The decision reached by the state has brought smiles on the faces of Arise IIP and Kingho owing to the fact that both companies can now engage in full scale implementation of their projects that will minimize the huge unemployment that continues to rock the nation since the end of the decade long civil war in the country that devastated lives and properties.

The said decision by the government, Forum was told seem to bring President Bio’s manifesto promise of five thousand (5,000) jobs closer to reality.

Kingho and Arise IIP, State House state said will pay competitive annual royalties, pay as you earn for locals and expatriates and increase other forms of taxes as additional revenue avenues for the state.

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