• October 11, 2022

As Political Intimidations Intensify… POLICE DECLARES OSMAN PAYET CONTEH WANTED 

As Political Intimidations Intensify…  POLICE DECLARES OSMAN PAYET CONTEH WANTED 
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As political coercions keep intensifying by state security forces and the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party SLPP thugs, Sierra Leoneans deem as sympathizers and supporters of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) are being constantly subjected to physical and emotional terrorisations.

Harassments exacted on minority class barely six to seven years now emerged in the wake of the ascendance of the new Julius Maada led SLPP administration in April 2018 to date.

one such victims of intimidations is Osman Payet Conteh of 1 Water Side Road, New England Villa Freetown.

His alleged involvement in activities linked to the August 10 2022 peaceful protest that claimed dozens of lives and loss of property worth millions Leones.

The protest aimed to highlight societal hardships, government negligence, and drew complaints from various protest groups with Osman then being a frequently popular advocate for a peaceful anti-government protest in his regular voice notes shared viral on social media implicated him.

He is also said to have cited the laws of Sierra Leone stating that all protests should receive police approvals which according to police was never approved. 

State security forces say Osman Payet Conteh among several allegations reportedly led a group of youths in New England during the 10 August 2022 protest, which highlighted societal and economic hardships, government negligence, and drew complaints from various protest groups.

With that now in the hands of the police as part of the circumstantial evidence, Osman Payet Conteh was then declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police with a ransom for whoever capture and return him in to authorities in the country, makes him no longer safe to stay and live in anywhere in Sierra Leone.

Since then Osman’s exact where about remains unknown which has caused his entire family to flee their resident at New England Ville in Freetown.

A reliable family sources informed this reporter that even though the where about remains, police continue their man hunt for him in the community and beyond like other considered by the laws of the country as fugitives.

Speaking in a phone interview with FORUM NEWS SL from an undisclosed location, Osman Payet Conteh said multiple attempts to communicate with Sierra Leone authorities, including the police have been turned down. He alleged that the authorities issued orders for the police to apprehend him, which is why he fled the country on 1st February, 2023 for his safety.

The August 10 peaceful protest continued was orchestrated as a response to the government’s perceived lawlessness and unresponsive attitude towards public grievances. Osman’s name was featured on the wanted list, compelling him to refrain from returning home, fearing for his life.

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