• September 1, 2023

As US Slams Visa Restriction Policy on Junta Democrats… ICC CALLS FOR MORE EVIDENCE

As US Slams Visa Restriction Policy on Junta Democrats…  ICC CALLS FOR MORE EVIDENCE
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As panic grips authorities in Freetown over the would be details and exact outcome of International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor, Karim Asad Ahmad Khan’s proposed meet with President Julius Maada Bio, on the margins of the 78 United Nations General Assembly, in New York, the ICC has called for more evidence.The ICC Prosecutor Karim Asad Ahmad Khan’s call followed series of concerns raised by Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora, calling on world leaders to end gross human rights violations, abuses, crimes against humanity as well as halting the culture of impunity in Sierra Leone.

ICC Prosecutor Karim Asad Ahmad Khan in a letter recently addressed to a United Kingdom-based Sierra Leonean human rights activist and democracy campaigner in London, reassured Sierra Leoneans the world over of his office willingness and preparedness to sustain active monitoring of the situation back home, whiles looking forward to receiving more relevant information or assistances that may be of immense support to the ICC investigation into the highlighted issues in Sierra Leone under President Bio.

Karim Asad Ahmad Khan also lauded the Sierra Leonean democracy and human rights campaigner for his valuable inputs into the ICC’s pursuit of justice and accountability.

“I will also take note of your request for a statement in support of domestic prosecutions of genocide and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone”, the letter reads.

ICC Prosecutor, lawyer Karim Asad Ahmad Khan reassured all of the Court’s remains firmest commitments to its mandates especially in working diligently to prevent and deter the perpetration of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone.

“Together, we can strive for justice and expose any injustices that occur”, he said.

As a prosecutor of the ICC, the letter furthered that, “it is my duty to investigate and prosecute individuals responsible for the most serious crimes, including war crimes and crimes against humanity; I understand your concerns regarding the situation in Sierra Leone under the leadership of Mr. Julius Maada Bio”.

The ICC Prosecutor thus profusely thanked Kamara for his email and for also bringing such important issues to his attention and registered his profound appreciations for Kamara’s relentless dedication in promoting democracy and human rights in Sierra Leone.

Karim Asad Ahmad Khan, at the tail end of the letter also promised to keep Kamara updated on any development in ICC investigation with regards Sierra Leone.

Coming to terms with the realities of the looming dangers of the unfolding situation, government through Spokesman, Alhaji Alpha Kanu and the Minister of Information and Civic Education, Bah have last week confirmed that the president Bio is indeed due to meet the ICC Prosecutor Karim Asad Ahmad Khan in New York despite initial denials.

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