• November 3, 2023

“Ask the U.S Consular Column”

“Ask the U.S Consular Column”
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Ask the U.S consular column is designed to help to discourage irregular migration, human trafficking, Visa Scammers/fraudster and also serve as an eye-opener to Sierra Leoneans who may want to travel to the United States of America to better understand the process and procedures for visa application.

This column seeks to complement the U.S Embassy effort on its drive in sensitizing applicants to understand the processes before applying for a visa through our daily publication in various newspapers in the country.


Please note that all the content that will be published in the ‘Ask the U.S Consular column’ would come directly from the embassy to better inform our people with the accurate information in understanding the process  as stated above.

See some questions and answers provided by the consular office

  1. How long does the U.S. Embassy keep a record of Visa denial?

Our consular systems keep a permanent record of all visa approvals and refusals entered into our systems worldwide. However, a visa refusal is not necessarily a permanent ineligibility.

  1. If I win a D.V. Lottery, what criteria should my host be? Is it very necessary to get a host?

Financial sponsors are not required for Diversity Visas. However, applicants should be able to demonstrate that they will not become a public charge when entering the United States. Public charge means that upon entering the United States, one becomes primarily dependent on the U.S. government for daily subsistence. A consular officer looks at the “totality of the circumstances” when making this determination and most applicants should not have an issue overcoming the established threshold.

  1. Do my D. V. application affect my B1/B2 Visa interview.

When interviewing applicants, a consular officer looks at the totality of circumstances. A diversity visa application is only one aspect of an applicant’s story.

  1. I was denied an Immigrant DV Visa in 2008 under section 212 (a)(5) (a). I applied for B1/B2 Visa in 2014 and also denied. Explain 212 (a)(5) (a)? 212(a)(5)(a) makes ineligible certain employment-based immigrant visa applicants whose employment in the United States has not been certified by the Department of Labor or who are unqualified for their certified employment. Historically, this refusal code was also used for diversity visa applicants who did not qualify for the diversity visa for various reasons. This has changed in recent years and applicants refused diversity visas should no longer be receiving this refusal code.
  2. My B1/B2 Visa was cancelled without prejudice, am now married to a U.S. citizen will that affect my filling application?

As the term suggests, cancelled without prejudice means that an individual’s visa was cancelled due to no fault of their own. A visa can be cancelled due to an error on the visa itself, because an applicant was issued a new visa in the same visa class, or an applicant was issued an immigrant visa which requires the cancellation of all valid non-immigrant visas. Cancellation without prejudice does not have a negative impact on future applications.

  1. Your monthly Radio Programme is Educative and has save us from Visa scammers. Why did you stop?

We are delighted to hear how informative the radio program has been. The radio program never ended. The gap between programs has simply been extended. We plan on continuing these radio shows as resources allow.

  1. I hold a dual nationality i.e. Namibian and Sierra Leonean, I applied in Namibian but I rejected on 214B, I want to reapply in Freetown should continue with my Namibian Passport or Sierra Leonean.

You are welcome to apply using whichever passport you decide to use. However, please be mindful that it may be more difficult for a consular officer to assess your situation if you are presenting yourself as a third country national outside of what appears to be your regular consular district.

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