• June 12, 2023

Ask the US Consular Office 

Ask the US Consular Office 
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This Program seeks to complement the U.S Embassy on its drive in sensitizing applicants to understand the processes before applying for a US visa through our daily publications in various Newspaper in a column named ‘Ask the US Consular Office ’ and also through our local radio stations.


Please note that all the contents/answers that will be published in the ‘Ask the US Consular Office’ come directly from the US embassy in Sierra Leone



  1. How much is the DV fee?

$330 per person, you can only pay at the U.S. Embassy.


Q My Visa B1/B2 was canceled at the port of entry in Chicago in 2015. Can I apply for another Visa?


You can always apply for another visa. Be ready to explain your visa cancellation to the Consular Officer.



Q My ex-wife petitioned for me in Senegal in 2013, and I went for the interview at the Embassy, they told me they would call me. I was later called to pick up my passport with no visa. Now, I want to visit a friend, would there be any problem with my B1/B2 application?


Without knowing the details of your case, it is difficult to say. The important thing is to always tell the truth and not hide any details of your previous application.


  1. How can I request an emergency interview?


For assistance, please contact:

Local number: + 232 79999899

US callers: +17035202576

Email: support: support-sierraleone@usatraveldocs.com


All Sierra Leone call center information can be found here: https://ustraveldocs.com/sl/en/contact-us/


  1. I requested an emergency interview to attend a conference in August but it was not approved, I want to use that DS 160 for vacation, can I change the DS 160 form or use the same?


You can use the same DS-160. We can fix the DS 160 at your interview.



  1. I was denied a DV visa in Monrovia in 2009 with my Liberia Passport by then I was staying with my Mum, and when she died I came to Sierra Leone to my father who later got me a Sierra Leonean passport because he is a Sierra Leonean. Would that affect my application for a Tourist Visa?


You just need to be able to credibly explain how and why you have two passports. Please make sure that your dates of birth and name match. If they do not, you need to explain why.


  1. I won the DV, what are my chances of getting the visa?

We aren’t able to predict until you’re able to come for your interview.



  1. I missed my interview date, what can I do?


For assistance rescheduling, please contact:

Local number: + 232 79999899

US callers: +17035202576

Email: support: support-sierraleone@usatraveldocs.com


  1. Can a wife accompany his husband for a B1/B2 visa interview?


Only the applicant can attend the visa interview. The only exception is parents or guardians of minor children.

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