• November 28, 2023

Beware!!! Saad Group Supplies Rotten Rice in Town

Beware!!! Saad Group Supplies Rotten Rice in Town
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Journalists investigating the sale of rotten rice by SAAD Group Sierra Leone Limited appear to be working in vein as leading pro-government media defenders continue to stifle their efforts through illicit extortion of moneys from the Lebanese supplier, SAAD GROUP TRADING COMPANY who claimed to have parked the rice in one of their leaking roof stores at Cline Town and other places where it got soaked, rotten and spoiled.
A much closed source also told Forum Newspaper that this is not the first time SAAD GROUP TRADING COMPANY importing into the country and selling contaminated food stuffs to consumers; mostly traders change the expiring dates of imported food stuffs and sell them to people.

Talking to one of the workers of SAAD GROUP TRADING COMPANY, Mohamed Turay (not his real name) he said: “I am worried about the health impact of this product.

The fact remains that rice products by SAAD GROUP TRADING COMPANY are not good for human consumption as it poses health hazards, thus people must be careful with such rice whenever one comes across it in any of the markets or stores in the country.

People should also alert standard bureau officials and consumer protection activists to further expose and mitigate the circulation and sale of such harmful rice that is almost flooding our markets and stores everywhere in the country.

As a professional media house, we tried very hard to reach SAAD GROUP TRADING COMPANY about the said allegations, but all efforts remain in futile.

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