• April 12, 2023

BHF Shares Over Le70M Worth of Food Items with Blama Muslims & Christians

BHF Shares Over Le70M Worth of Food Items with Blama Muslims & Christians
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By: Mustapha Momoh

The Blama Happy Family (BHF) on Thursday 6th April 2023 made Ramadan and Easter donations worth over Le. 70m to Muslims and Christians in Blama, Small Bo Chiefdom, Kenema District.

As a Non-Profitable and Non-Political Organization, that was formed by Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora. The organization’s primary goal is focused on contributing towards Blama township in Sierra Leone and reunifying themselves while mobilizing networks and partnerships in support of humanitarian, peacebuilding, and development programmes in Blama, Small Bo chiefdom eastern Sierra Leone.

Part of the organization’s signature projects is to support the Muslim and Christian communities in the Blama Township.

For the 2023 Easter festivity and Holy month of Ramadan, the Blama Happy Family brought together Muslims, Christians, along with Traditional leaders and distributed food items which included over one hundred bags of bags of rice and condiments to 18 mosques and 11 churches in the township of Blama.

This support was made possible from the contributions of over forty (40) members from the diaspora and in Sierra Leone (a reference to the list of contributors here:

  1. Alhaji Abdul Rahman Sesay
  2. Fode Camara

      4, Mohamed Sillah

  1. Ya Kadie Kamara
  2. Victor Kamara
  3. Pa Saidu Kamara
  4. Fanta Fofana
  5. Isatu Sesay-Bayoh
  6. Fatmata Jalloh
  7. Priscilla Mary Samai:
  8. Abdul Adiza Turay:
  9. Mohamed Deen:
  10. Umu Tarawally:
  11. Chernor Sesay:
  12. Dr. Mohamed Imam
  13. Dr. Kerfela Fofana
  14. Elizabeth Gbondo:
  15. Kanjura Guirassy-Fofana:
  16. Abdul K. Barrie (CIC)
  17. Elizabeth Lightfoot Taylor
  18. Mohamed Daramy (Daram Vee)
  19. Elizabeth Lucinda Bancel
  20. Fatmata Jabbie
  21. Dallow Guirassy-Fofana
  22. Minkialu Sesay
  23. Dr. Ibrahim Bakar
  24. Mariama Jalloh-
  25. Abdul Kenkay Koroma
  26. Tony Shallop
  27. Mr. and Mrs. Vandy Siaka
  28. Yama-Sesay
  29. Cecilia Barnett
  30. Jengo T.
  31. Alhassan Bangyra
  32. Nandie-Daramy
  33. Alan Vic Mansaray
  34. Ibrahim Turay
  35. Lamin Sesay

39: Bashiru Sowa

  1. Hamiru Massaquoi
  2. Memuna Barrie
  3. Mr. Samuel King
  4. Abu Bakar Jalloh
  5. Foday and Manjula Tarawalie
  6. Yeama Mbawa:
  7. Aminata Sesay:
  8. Max Brima

Speaking on the donation, the BHF Country Director, Mr. Vandy Siaka said that BHF International decided to make the gesture to their Muslims and Christians brothers and sisters who are observing both the Ramadan and Lenten season to put a smile on their faces by proving a token of foodstuffs at this difficult period in the country.

He further noted that since the inception of the organization in April 2020, the BHF has been embarking on such charitable ventures. “Part of our intervention has been COVID-19 mitigation exercise, the building of a mosque, and the ongoing expansion of the Blama Hospital in a bid to solve the issue of maternal mortality in the chiefdom”, he noted.

He also said that the rationale of the donation is a way of caring for the people and setting an example of sharing no matter the little God has provided for you emphasizing that some members of the organization are not rich but have always contributed to the cause of giving back to their chiefdom.

In his statement, the Chiefdom speaker who represented the Paramount Chief of the Chiefdom, Mr. Ishmael Koroma conveyed good tidings from the Paramount Chief and further commended the membership of BHF for their thoughtful donations to the Muslims and Christians which coincided with Ramadan and Lent. He concluded by calling on others, especially indigenes of Blama to emulate their counterparts at BHF who have always found a way to give back to their chiefdom even though some of them were not born in Blama but whose parents once worked and lived in Blama.

The Chiefdom Imam of Small Bo heaped praises on BHF for their kind gesture. He said, ” This donation is not for him alone, but for other imams and their congregations who will now have enough “Sunakati” to breakfast”.

He called on others to replicate the same by providing for their people so that they too can be partakers of Allah’s Blessing during this Holy month of Ramadan.

One of the beneficiaries from the Catholic Church, Aunty Millicent Moiwoh who was in a buoyant mood expressed profound gratitude to BHF for remembering them during this period of economic hardship in the country. She noted that she was not expecting such a gesture from BHF at such a time as this.

She concluded that the donation is an example of religious tolerance portrayed by BHF by proving it for both Muslims and Christians. This she said will help them cultivate unity amongst Muslims and Christians in the chiefdom.

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