• April 28, 2023


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By Donstance Koroma & Henry Kargbo


Barely two months to Saturday June 24 2023 polls, the leader and presidential candidate of the governing Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has on Wednesday 26 April 2023 expressed worrying concerns over the voting patterns of the people of Koya Chiefdom, North-Western Sierra Leone.


Former President Julius Maada Bio said Koya always vote wrongly, and observed that the people of Koya have always manifested their voting patterns in recent past bye-elections and in the 2018 presidential elections.


In a bid to please the SLPP presidential aspirant, former Government Spokesman and Minister of State, North-West, Alhaji Alpha Kanu urged the Paramount Chief PC Bai Kompa Bomboli 111 of Koya Chiefdom, Port Loko district, along with other traditional and ceremonial chiefs to publically apologise to President Bio. The traditional leaders then left with little or no options, publically apologized to former president Bio for what they consider as not being ‘grateful’ and ‘appreciative’ of the huge investments that his government have diverted to their district and in Koya Chiefdom in particular.


Koya leaders’ public apology to President Bio was made during the groundbreaking ceremony and turning of the sod of Sierra Leone Industrial Zone, at Mile 35 Koya Chiefdom.


Delivering his keynote address marking the official groundbreaking ceremony, former President Julius Maada Bio among other things disclosed that Koya is still voting wrongly as had, and continues to vote for colours and not self.


He encouraged Koya residents to be knowledgeable in choosing their leaders while advising them to refrain from choosing leaders in the habit of using abusive language.


The former president out rightly disclosed that he is venting out his dissatisfaction over the way and manner the indigenes of Koya had and continues to treat him over the years.


He reminded them that 2018 presidential votes and the bye-election conducted in Koya chiefdom clearly indicated that Koya continues to vote for colour and not self.


“Others promised you Mamamah airport, but eat the money and nothing was done but I have provided you a brand new airport “President Bio said, and adds, “Under my administration, the president continues a forty bed hospital under construction in Lokomasama chiefdom and today. We are witnessing the groundbreaking event of the Sierra Leone Industrial Zone, Koya that will be adding value to our local produce. If, such trend continues, I will forget about you, he told indigenes of Koya.


The former president’s public grumbling for Koya votes, prompted the chairman for the groundbreaking event, Alhaji Alpha Khanu who called on PC Bomboli 111 with his ceremonial and traditional chiefs to come forward to publicly apologize to the president.


Kanu however pleaded with the president for him to forgive the people of Koya, promising the president that Koya will sure rightly comes the June 24 polls.

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