• May 26, 2023

Bio Popularises SLPP’s Big 5 Game Changers

Bio Popularises SLPP’s Big 5 Game Changers
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The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), presidential candidate, Julius Maada Bio has summarized his political manifesto for the upcoming June 24, 2023, elections titled; “Consolidating Gains and Accelerating Transformation” into SLPP Big Five (5) Game Changers, he disclosed covers, Feed Sierra Leone, Youth Employment Scheme (YES), Revamping the Public Service Architecture, Technology and Infrastructure Programme and Human Capital Development for Nurturing Skills for 21st Century Industry.

The SLPP presidential candidate, who is seeking a re-election made the commitments on Tuesday 23rd May 2023 within the walls of the Eastern Technical University Hall, Kenema, eastern Sierra Leone.

In his introductory statement, president Bio said; “I stand before you again with great humility and gratitude, with reserved vitality and with a deeper sense of purpose as I am launching my re-election campaign to serve you and our great country as president for the second term”.

He told the people of Kenema that his Feeds Salone scheme is an ambitious programme aimed at boosting our country’s staple food rice production to drastically minimize resilience on food import and increase exports.

In the area of human capital development for nurturing skills for 21st century industrial and technological trends, President Bio assured that the initiative will continue to build the nation human based, invest more in the healthcare systems as key driver for a productive society and create equal opportunity for women across all works of life.

On Youth Employment Scheme (YES), President Bio promised five hundred thousand (500,000) jobs in five years, thereby providing the enabling environment for youth economic empowerment.

In the next five years, the SLPP will continue with its mission of fostering a professional and meritorious public service fits for purpose and deliver on its mandate to attract, support and retain the best and brightest to serve the people of Sierra Leone. These, he said is under the SLPP initiative for revamping the public service architecture through delivery, efficiency and professionalism.

President Julius Maada Bio furthered that the SLPP manifesto also makes provision for technology and infrastructure programme to serves as a pathway for sustainable economic growth.

He told SLPP members, supporters in Kenema and the world over that the party will accelerate its inclusive growth agenda by investing more in infrastructure, technology and digitization.

Fellow citizens, making progress in these key areas will set the country on a sustainable path of transformational change, poverty reduction and resilience in the face of external shocks, promised stated.

I assure you that Julius Maada Bio and the SLPP are best suited to continue with our New Direction agenda, consolidate our gains and accelerate social and economic transformation for a better Sierra Leone, he trilled the multitude, and fondly bragged that a steady, tested and emphatic leadership under the SLPP has brought them thus far, noting the party has what it takes to move even further.

Together we have laid a strong foundation for social economic progress, and now is the time to build upon our achievements, Julius Maada Bio said, and humbly requested the support and trust of the people as they continue the political journey alongside.

President Bio called on all and sundry for unity and national cohesion as a nation that is bound by a shared vision of a prosperous, inclusive and a vibrant nation, and told party members and supporters that a vote for him and the party is a vote for continued transformational change that leaves no one behind.

Conversely, a vote for any opposition candidates would mean stepping backwards toward a non-inclusive and non-progressive national development agenda, Bio emphasized.

Despite the turbulent global economic hardship trend, President Bio said; “we have done the work in the past five years through our New Direction agenda.

“Our positive development track records will secure our victory in the polls with God on our side” he prayed.

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