• November 8, 2023

Bio Receives 2024 MCC Scorecard

Bio Receives 2024 MCC Scorecard
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President Dr Julius Maada Bio has received the Millennium Challenge Corporation, MCC, scorecard, for 2024 saying that it is always good to have an independent international assessment of his government.

Ambassador Hunt said he was pleased to let the President know that in the 2023 MCC scorecard, Sierra Leone did very well in the control of corruption and democratic rights, which was good news for the government, adding that Sierra Leone passed 10 out of the 20 indicators.

“This is an excellent way to assess government’s progress. This government has consistently continued to improve on the various scores in the MCC Scorecard,” he told President Bio, noting that in December this year the MCC Board would meet and take a decision on whether to re-select Sierra Leone for the MCC Compact again.

In response, His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio thanked the Ambassador for bringing the good news to him, stating that his government had consistently done good things, which continued to attract high scores in the MCC assessments.

“From the MCC scorecard, I have seen that my government has consistently made progress in the area of gender, control of corruption, regulatory policies, and health expenditure, employment opportunity, among others. Apart from the MCC compact that we will eventually have to benefit from, it is good for us to know what progress we are making,” he said.

He said he was so happy to have continuously passed the MCC scorecard and promised to continue to work harder for his people, noting that it was good to have the result of an assessment from such an internationally respected and independent organization about his government.

“Even though 2023 was political and an election year, my government did very well to pass the MCC scorecard. It shows that we did not lose sight of what we had planned to do in 2023,” he told the US Ambassador.

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