• January 22, 2024

Charges against Former President were not made out of malice— A. G. says

Charges against Former President were not made out of malice— A. G. says
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By Alusine Fullah

The Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Civic Education has held a Press conference at Guma Building on Friday 19th of January 2024 to update the public on the ongoing trials relating to the November 26th failed coup attempt.

Attorney General Mohamed Lamin Tarawalley provided a comprehensive update on the ongoing trials and also reacted to the decision of the High Court on Former President Koroma’s trial. In his statement, he started by stating that the charges against the former president were not in a form of any malice. He said: “The charges against Former President were not made out of malice. Based on the police investigation and statements obtained and how the evidence was analysed, showed they meet the threshold of the charges levied on the accused…”

Updating on the medical report, the Attnorney General noted the defence council tried very hard to vehemently opposed the pleas of the defence team to grant bail to former President Koroma to seek medical attention, the government accepted the decision of the court based on the government’s beliefs in the principles of the rule of law.

In his statement, the minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah also reiterated on the essence of the rule of law and justice. He said: “It is very clear that the trial process is guided by the rule of law and not in any way witch-hunting anyone…the government will continue to stick and abide by the principles of the rule of law.”

Ex-President Ernest Bai Koroma was charged with four offences including treason for his alleged role in a failed military attempt to topple President Bio’s government. According to Sierra Leone’s penal code, a person found guilty of treason could face imprisonment for life.

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