• February 24, 2023

China Promises More Investments

China Promises More Investments
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The Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) through the Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone has Thursday 23 February 2023 reassured the Government and people of Sierra Leone of bringing in more investments with inflows of Chinese companies.

The reassurance was made by His Excellency the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, at an information sharing secession dubs as ‘FACE to FACE’ with China, hosted at the embassy’s premises at 29 Spur Loop, Wilberforce Freetown.

Speaking to journalists and foreign service staffer of from both countries, H.E. Ambassador Wang Qing informed that China and Sierra Leone have always been dependable and reliable friends with firm corporation, and mutual benefits.

He expressed strong optimism that ties between both countries will grow to higher heights with win-win benefits and common interests. The Chinese Ambassador recalled the long friendly ties between both countries saying, “China and Sierra Leone have always been time-bonded friends and good brothers since the establishment of diplomatic relations fifty-two years ago. We treat each other as equals, cooperate for mutual benefit and common development. Our cooperation in human resources development, education, agriculture, health, energy, communications, infrastructure and other areas have achieved numerous tangible results. On the third day of my arrival, I witnessed the handover of the Foreign Service Academy built with Chinese aid gratis, which marks a new milestone in the close cooperation between our two countries. Meanwhile, Sierra Leone has been working closely with China on issues of common interests in the international arena. We appreciate that Sierra Leone has stood firmly in adhering to the one-China principle and supporting China’s legitimate efforts to safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity. It is of no doubt that China and Sierra Leone are reliable friends to each other, and we have a strong belief in creating a better world together”, disclosed Ambassador Wang Qing.

He expressed high level of confidence that the two countries will forge along a friendly path reiterating that, “I am confident that the friendly and cooperative relations between our two countries will continue to make new progress in the new era”. Ambassador Wang Qing is optimistic that through your pens, cameras and microphones, our media friends will try your best to tell the people a real China and enhance mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation between China and Sierra Leone. Among broad range of bilateral and multilateral issues the Head of China’s Diplomatic Mission to Sierra Leone spoke to were one-China principle, Chinese Modernization, peaceful development, social stability and win-win corporation.

On China Sierra Leone ties, the Minister of Information and Communications Mohamed Rahaman Swaray said both countries have come a long way, pointing out that Sierra Leone can credit most of the best infrastructural development achievements to the government of the PRC. The minister recalled that the during the deadly Ebola virus disease outbreak China was the first country in the world that came to the rescue of Sierra Leone with huge logistical and resource support. Swaray informed journalists, foreign and local diplomats and that China and Sierra Leone also subscribed to multilateral treaties. He reaffirmed Sierra Leone’s support to the one-China policy. He Disclosed a joint plan by both governments to establish a digital and a smart city in Sierra Leone with support from the Government of the PRC, a proposal which he reassured that China would give a due consideration to. The Information and Communications Minister registered government’s strongest support to PRC’s Belt and Road Initiative, reflecting vividly on how Sierra Leoneans used to stream in and out of China for trade and investment trips even before the Coronavirus pandemic. Questions and answers climaxed the secession.

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