• January 29, 2024

Court Martial Trial… Seventh Prosecution Witness testifies in Court

Court Martial Trial… Seventh Prosecution Witness testifies in Court
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By Alusine Fullah

Corporal Alfred Methodist Kargbo, the 7th prosecution witness in an ongoing Court Martial has testified in court on the 25th January, 2024 that it was Captain Senesie who led in strange people towards the armoury. According to the witness, Captain Senesie was the Commanding Officer at the time and also the field officer at the 5th Infantry Battalion on the night of the November 26th attempted coup. He further noted that the invaders were in black attires and with vehicles that was commanded by Captain Senesie.


According to the witness, Corporal Alfred Methodist Kargbo as soon as they (invaders) met him at the gate than Captain Senesie ordered him to open the gate. The witness also told the court that he tried very hard to glance at the people in the two vehicles and surprisingly he saw the second accused Sgt. Ibrahim Bundu Kamara aka Amerikin and within one or two seconds he saw again Sgt Major Turay. He said: “It was indeed very strange to me on that day to see soldiers in black attires. Amerikin joined the invaders. I tried to probe them further, but I was intercepted by Sgt. Major Turay who tapped on my shoulder and said: ‘Methodist doesn’t worry and don’t be afraid I am your authority and they are our friends…just allow them in everything is safe…”


He continued to testify in court that one of his colleagues, Private Jalloh was deeply sleeping. He said: “I told Private Jalloh to wait so that I can go and observe what was happening near the arms store…” He continued also that during his cause of his curiosity Capt. Senesie tapped him again on his shouldered and asked him to join them. “Methodist you are gallant soldier and I want you to join this operation. I ask him what operation is this. I moved two steps back…he cocked the gun he was carrying and ordered me to join them or else he will kill me. Since he is my boss, I have no option but to join them…”


The presiding magistrate, Mark Ngegba has postponed to Wednesday, 31st January, 2024.

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