• September 20, 2023

Democracy in International Relation – H.E Amb Wang Qing

Democracy in International Relation  –  H.E Amb Wang Qing
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By Forum Staff Writer

The Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, H.E Wang Qing, has disclosed that to promote democracy in international relations, all must insist that countries large or small, strong or weak , rich or poor are equal in international relations, stating that the future of the world should rest in the hands of all the people of the world.

He continued that international rules should be made by all countries, global affairs should be governed by all parties and the fruits of development should be shared by all.

To promote democracy in international relations, he said all must insist that the right to develop all countries is inalienable as every country has the right to development while the people in every country have the freedom to pursue a happy life.

‘Many emerging markets and developing countries have come to what they are today after shaking off the yoke of colonialism,’ Wang Qing told media professionals.

He stated that with perseverance, hard work and huge sacrifices, ‘we succeeded in gaining independence and has been exploring development paths suited to our national conditions’.

But some countries, he said, are obsessed with colonial thoughts and maintaining their hegemonies, have gone out of their way to cripple emerging markets and developing countries.

However, he narrated that developing fast becomes its target of containment, and catching up, its target of obstruction.

‘They have politicised and marginalised the development issues, built a small yard with high fences and wield the big stick of unilateral sanctions and long –arm jurisdiction.’

‘But blowing out others lamp will not bring light to oneself,’ he said in a proverb.

He said such behaviour will only undermine the fulfilment of the UN 2030 Agenda and the common prosperity of the world.

To promote democracy in international relations, we must insist on pressing for a new model of international relations based on mutual respect, fairness and justice and a win-win cooperation, the Chines Ambassador said.

Faced with profound challenges, he added that our world today has become a community with a shared future in which we all share a huge stake of survival.

What he said people of various countries long for is definitely not a new Cold War or a small exclusive bloc, what they want is an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys enduring peace, universal security and common prosperity .

China, he said, made the propositions of building a community with a shared future for mankind, calling on all countries to build this planet we all call home into a harmonious family.

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