• August 14, 2023

Denting the Future of Youth… SLPP Fights Shame

Denting the Future of Youth…  SLPP Fights Shame
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Public outcry over the advent of the killer drug, Kush secretly streaming into the country through illegal means and its adverse effects on the country’s tomorrow leaders has splash mountain of shame in the face of the incumbent Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) for deliberate failures to control the societal menace.

The drug continues to serve as slow poison accompany with multiple adverse effects that most times result to the deaths of young dependants and addicts.

Most youth across Sierra Leone have developed swollen feet with visible sours that always follow them to their untimely graves.

Under the dispensation of Kush, the country’s only mental facility situated at Kissy in the East End of Freetown continues to witness steady increase of patients of youthful ages, admitted for drug addiction related complications.

The killer drug has entered deeply into the fabric of the Sierra Leonean society, to a point that dead bodies of youth are most times found in streets corners in the capital Freetown and its environs.

Accusing fingers persistently pointing at a very senior personality in the President Julius Maada Bio led SLPP administration for the mass importation of the deadly drug into the country since 2018 to date.

The country’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) of recent told the public that they can’t ascertain the chemical composition of the new type of Kush flooding the country.

The agency referred to the drug as deadly and as such urged government to do all in its reach to prevent the importation, sales and consumption to enable the future generation to be mentally awake to take over leadership positions soonest afterwards.

As it stands, suckers that are expected to grow when the old banana trees die are captured in web of drug intake and addiction that will render many as mentally unstable for future leadership challenges awaiting them.

Political history has it that the SLPP is unable to govern Sierra Leone without drug alongside. It could be recalled that during the rule of the late president Alhaji Dr Ahmed Tejan Kabba, cocaine became topically to a point that a name was coined for addicted partakers as, ‘junkie boys’ and ‘junkie girls’, as reported in one of Emerson’s popular songs.

Under the watch of President Bio since 2018, then came in another killer drug called Kush that is aggressively ravaging the lives of youth in Sierra Leone. Yet little or no political will is being manifested to discourage its importation, sales and consumption for over five years now.

As a result, a name has also been coined for addicted partakers of Kush call “Mr. and Miss Bend Down Low” as a result of the dangling movement and posture after consumption Kush.

The situation is becoming serious and alarming by the thick of the clock as the youth that are supposed to be under parental care are mostly found in places where the drug is being traded and largely abused.

Realizing, the nonpolitical will by the government, the Sierra Leone Police continues to use the opportunity to be openly compromising with dealers, be it on whole sales and retails, to a point that the illegal drug seems legal; a situation that many refer to as making the illegality becomes legal.

Since the media started pointing accusing fingers at government on the allegation that a very senior official in his administration is behind the importation of the poisonous drug-Kush, the government is yet to dissociate themselves from such allegation.

Many are of the firm convictions that since silence means consent, it thus implies that the media might not be far away from the truth, with regards the strong government men and ruling partisans behind the killer drug call Kush.

Another downplay reality is that majority of personnel in the security sectors are deeply in love with the deadly drug.

With President Bio’s Human Capital Development targeting youth across the country, the advent of Kush serves as an anti-Christ to the much talked about government’s HCD.

The youth Anti-Christ Kush has not speared junior and senior secondary schools, institutions, colleges and universities but also finding its way into religious temples like mosques and churches. Observations revealed that most parents and caregivers prefer marijuana over Kush for their children that are addicted consumers of the anti-HCD drug.

Coming from a non-dispassionate point of view, signs from a not too distance future, signalling a crusade for the discrimination of marijuana for both personal and commercial uses eminent.

Back to the drug that continues to bring worries into the minds of families, public abuses with impunity in major streets and corners across the city and other major towns have left many wondering what is so special in Kush that it enjoys so much impunity in the very eyes of the police.

The dangling movement and posture by youth after smoking in public streets especially in the capital Freetown has become monotonous, hence an eye sour to locals, foreigners and the international community.

The political will to change the current narrative of things still lacking from the executive arm of government which can be view as a pointer to the media allegation of a strong man behind the importation.

Since Parliament regulate itself, ugly instances of photos and videos making the rounds on social media of Kush addicts have captured the attention of the Sixth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone.

Lawmakers in one of their sittings, called for the drafting and enactment of an Anti-Kush Policy that they hold the view will end the vampire drug devastating the country’s tomorrow leaders.

Critical minds might be tempted to ask why only now, when the drug has already ruined the lives of many for over five years.

By the look of things, since the non-political will from the executive arm of government to discourage the drug from it is importation, sales and consumption and as a result, brought so much shame to the nation locally and internationally.

The legislative arm of government now calling for Anti-Kush Policy to discourage the, a scenario of one fighting his or her own shame.

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