• January 30, 2024

Dr. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Denies Rumors of Sierra Leone Football Association Presidency Bid

Dr. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Denies Rumors of Sierra Leone Football Association Presidency Bid
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By: Sulaiman Stom Koroma.

In a surprising turn of events, prominent football administrator Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai has explicitly denied all rumors suggesting his intention to contest for the presidency of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA).In his recent statement, Abdulai emphasized that he has no intentions of pursuing the SLFA presidency, refuting all claims made otherwise.

Abdulai, who had been widely regarded as a potential candidate and deemed fit to address the country’s football challenges, has taken a different stance that has left many astonished ” No I am not contesting” he said.


The speculations surrounding Abdulai’s potential candidacy were met with enthusiasm by football enthusiasts and stakeholders alike. He was perceived as a promising figure capable of bringing positive changes to the troubled state of football within Sierra Leone. ” I think Emmanuel is the man for the job, hearing that he is not contesting, is not only a surprise to me but left me very disappointed, I hope he changes his mind soon” Said Ibrahim Turay a fanatic football fan.


The denial has left many supporters and followers of Sierra Leonean football pondering over the next steps, as they had placed significant hopes on Abdulai’s leadership potential and his ability to address the existing issues plaguing the sport. His decision not to enter the race for the top SLFA position has sparked discussions about possible alternative candidates who could step forward and take up the daunting task. With the current president running out of favor, this could have been the biggest opportunity for the university lecturer.


As football enthusiasts come to terms with this unexpected development, the focus will be on finding a candidate capable of garnering widespread support and steering the SLFA towards a brighter future. The upcoming months are bound to witness intense debates and deliberations regarding potential contenders for the highly sought-after role of SLFA president.

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