• January 4, 2024


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Titus Boye-Thompson, Prampram, Ghana

The politics of Sierra Leone is a vibrant dynamic yet the mannerism of its change is welded in constancy. The prospects for political growth or for that matter, political maturity are constrained by individual aspirations and a personality cult concept which tend to obscure the perception of advancement or progress. In a word, the delusion of grandeur that accompanies political aspirations have been the main killer of ideological legitimacy. In the APC, this is more pronounced as many feel that their individual chances to attain power are better procured by reducing the focus on a corporate goal to achieve power for all that would then need to be shared!

In this mileu of personal aggrandisement, political avarice and self opinionated cowardice comes the unrepentant technocrat who has been catapulted into leadership of the party by the new 2022 Constitution. There can be no argument that Dr. Samura Kamara’s novice approach to bloodletting politics has set him apart from his contemporaries or that his resilience at the helm of the APC has made him a fast learner and an adapter to current trends. As events unfold around him, this man of pure grit has made the bright call all the time and without fail. It cannot be coincidence but those who have plotted his disgrace have all been thwarted and outmanoeuvred by this man of technical ability based on grounded theory rather than manipulation.Dr Samura Kamara has shown that he has nothing to hide when he pledged his commitmemt to his country and that the mantra of “my Sierra Leone, my responsibility ” is a testament to the vision on which he needs to be judged.

Reading through his New Year message to the country and the APC in particular, one cannot but admire how he deftly swept aside an issue that bothered many about his future and the future of his vision for the APC. His commitment to the APC constitution was unalloyed yet his position took many by surprise. What he demonstrated was true leadership and a wholesale maturity that most of his adversaries do not possess.

This is not the time for a drawn out constitutional battle within the APC, nor is there space for a convoluted argument on a mattwr that is as clear as daylight. The issue of party leadership and it’s tenure is enshrined. It is left to the key players to invoke the relevant portions but as far as Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara is concerned, he has no intention of going against the APC 2022 constitution, plain and simple .

This act of clear leadership is definitely a trait many in politics should emulate. Political leadership as many opine is from God hence there is no mileage in forcing issues. Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara is the leader of the APC for now in our eyes and nobody can take that away from him as he is the only former flag bearer that we have!

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