• December 23, 2023


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By Kabs Kanu

Freetown, December 23, 2023 —ECOWAS has smelt the rat that even if there was a coup plot, some of the November 26 shootings were stage- managed and that Maada Bio is on a witch hunt that will endager peace and security in West Africa. So, ECOWAS sent the Presidents of Ghana and Senegal to Freetown today to hold closed door meetings with Bio and former President Ernest Koroma.

My sources tell me they have cautioned Bio to be careful and to cool off his witch hunts and seek peace before he plunges Sierra Leone into another war.

If ECOWAS had trulu believed that Ernest Koroma had broken the law,l and committed a crime , especially plan a serious crime like a coup and is a genuine accused, they would have backed off him because meeting him behind closed doors would have amounted to interfering with the administration of justice. And let me tell you this : America, Britain and the UN use regional organizations to make erring African presidents comply.

Those SLPP noisy louts on social media advocating persecution of Dr. Ernest Koroma are just backward in modern politics and do not understand that things are no longer what they were before. Nobody will harm Ernest Koroma. The international community knows everything Bio is planning and doing and will thwart all his plans.

Even the ECOWAS troops to be deployed will be in Sierra Leone to protect the interests of the APC, SLPP and the people. They are not coming to support Maada Bio. Again, the West is behind it. In fact, the deployment is going to benefit opponents of Bio also because if there are demonstrations now, Bio will not be able to send out Kamajors to kill innocent people.

The international community has decided to intervene hands-on in Sierra Leone so rabid and bloodthirsty SLPP cannot do what they please in our country. The U.S, Britain and the UN work through regional organizations so, this is fully supported by them.

We thank the international community that they have not left Sierra Leone in the hands of Maada Bio and his bloody hounds. They are after him every step of the way to stop him from carrying out his diabolical desires in Sierra Leone.

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