• November 28, 2023

Fuel Pump price May Shoot Up to NL35, 00

Fuel Pump price May Shoot Up to NL35, 00
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By Donstance Koroma

Disgruntlement  grip Sierra Leoneans  Friday 24th November, 2023 in the capital and its environs after citizens noticed long lines of vehicles, motor bikes and tricycles in fuel stations in the capital, Freetown and its environs following rumours of an increase in the pump price of fuel soonest.

Many who spoke to Forum Newspaper said they are worry with the rumour making the rounds on the increase in the pump price of fuel and its relationship with other commodities and services.

Unisa Kabba, a commercial taxi driver plying the central and west ends of the city was left wondering why past and present governments are unable to bring durable solution to fuel.

He told Forum News SL that he had spent twenty five years as a commercial taxi driver, noting that all what he has noticed is continues increase in the prices of fuel.

Hardship will bite harder if the government and the oil marketers agree to increase pump price of fuel without given consideration to the present economic situation low income earners are going through, Kabba stated.

Mustapha Sesay a motor bike rider has this to say, as a member of the Sierra Leone Eastern Bike Rider Union, many of our union member are losing jobs on a regular basis owing to the fact some of their members are unable to pay their ‘Master Money’ fully and on time.

Worry and harassment continue to be other of the day from traffic police officers, Sierra Leone Road Safety Corps (SLRSC) for money that he said most time resulted to the arrest of motor bike riders for a day or more coupled with the rapid increase in the pump price of fuel can’t be unconnected     to the reason behind the job loss.

On the side of motor bike owners/ riders, he told this medium that many have decided to park their machines on the grounds that they are not having the kind of turnover they used to have.

Due to the systematic price increase of pump price, Mohamed Wurrie intimated that pylons are refusing to pay the fair charged by riders, making business more difficult for motor bike riders.

Joseph  Fornah , commonly known as Joe Hills is a familiar name and face of the transport industry told Forum News that the said rumours in the coming days will become a reality, as the oil marketing company and the National Petroleum Regulatory Agency have met and reach a conclusion with regards the subject matter.

He continued that the anticipated increase in the pump price will force many members of the Indigenous Transport Owners Association to restrict their vehicles from plying , especially the long buses that are in constant confusion with their Bosses in respect to the incomplete payment of master money, which implies shortage of transpiration immanent as the festive season approaches .

My concern is the ordinary man that will bear the blunt of the price increase as the few commercial engines that will be able to withstand the pending price increase will have no option but to exploit the common man by plying half ways.

Following the trend of things, I have come to the realization that citizens are felt at the mercy of the oil marketers, as government has little or no saying when it comes to determine oil prices, which is sad, Joe Hills said.

With the present pump price stands at thirty new Leones, many commercial drivers and riders are nervous about what the new pump price will be.

For some who does not want their names mentioned told Forum that they are not enjoying any forms of protection from their respective unions regardless of the fact that they are in compliance with the payment of union dues to their respective unions.

We are at the mercy of the traffic police and the Road Safety Corps on a daily basis ripping us money with no legal justifications, while the unions are unable to step in our shoes to prevent them members from traffic and road safety corps exploitation, they narrated to this medium.

Those unjust financial exploitation by SLP and SLRSC are the underlining reasons that had and continues to put many youths that have decided to make a living from motor bike riding out of job, thereby making the traffic divisions of both the SLP and SLRSC lucrative while to riders and owners of unto mobile engines less lucrative of recent.

Many are predicting transportation shortage as the festive season drawn near with the pump price of fuel goes without saying.

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