• May 24, 2023

GCH Orphanage Lunches Agri-CodeExpo

GCH Orphanage Lunches Agri-CodeExpo
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Taking climate action towards the World We Want with the Global Children Humanitarian Orphanage in Sierra Leone.

At this moment, more than 300 orphans live in extreme poverty, orphans that lost both parents during the Ebola epidemic diseases, malaria outbreak, cholera outbreak, mudslide, fire disaster, corona virus, flooding etc.

Millions of young souls across the globe are withering and wailing in despair, finding no solace, no comfort, and no guardians to provide them with care and support.

Countless underprivileged orphans are abandoned and exploited which lead them to a life of solitude and helplessness, no one to guide them.

For them, food is scarce, shelter is only temporary, orphan children without a home or any caretakers are subjected to abuses on regular basis.

Exploitive, perverse crooks only wait for young, innocent and hungry children to stumble into the trap so that they can be take advantage of their plights.

Deprived of love, affection, and basic resources for survival, they find themselves unable to seek hope for a better tomorrow.

Providing a “better tomorrow” for helpless and underprivileged orphans of Global Children Humanitarian Orphanage in Sierra Leone is aimed at innovative and heart-warming “AgriCodeExpo 15th May 2023,”

Organized by the renowned AgriCodeExpo to Enhancing Agriculture Through ICT), this day motivates citizens to help the orphaned children suffering from extremely poverty and maltreatment.

On the morning of May 15, numerous participants, volunteers, speakers, and orphans gathered cordially at the Global Children Humanitarian Orphanage, primary school. They joined the promotion of glorious and inspiring messages.

In a nutshell, AgriCodeExpo Orphanage visit can be described as a day for charity, Leadership Training, Training on the SDGs, Planting Trees, and beginning of better job for society.

A wonderful and energizing rally took place, as a vigorous crowd of participants of AgriCodeExpo took to the orphanage visit. An enormous and attention-grabbing banner bearing the name of the event and the message of “AgriCodeExpo, (Enhancing Agriculture Through ICT) Orphanage Visit” was placed at the forefoot, as the crowd took stride across the city.

One clear, bold message was proclaimed that day we will not abuse of orphans across the world. The rally spread messages of hope and encouragement to promote the 17th sustainable development goals, right and well – being of underprivileged orphan children that live in extremely poverty, orphans that lost both parents.

(GCHO) Global Children Humanitarian Orphanage congratulate Suzy Tresor for her extraordinary figures and AgriCodeExpo (Enhancing Agriculture Through ICT) for their immense contributions to making a better tomorrow for her orphans.

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