• March 24, 2023

I Believe in Servant Leadership – Mohamed Sulaiman Kamara

I Believe in Servant Leadership – Mohamed Sulaiman Kamara
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I believe in servant leadership. I will not engage in parliamentary debates and discussion without your contributions, because I would want your inputs in whatever presentation I will be making in the House for and on behalf of my constituents and the community, humbly vowed Mr Mohamed Sulaiman Kamara, the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) parliamentary symbol aspirant for Constituency 118 seat.

Mr Kamara made the statement on Wednesday 22 March 2023, during the official declaration of his candidature for the Constituency 118 parliamentary seat, at a well-attended event, hosted at the resident of the late Hon Hassan Gbessay Kanu, Grassfield, Kissy Mess-Mess, East of Freetown.

He vowed to promote inclusivity and consultations if awarded the APC preliminary seat symbol to represent Constituency 118 in the House of Parliament. He said since he is going to parliament to serve the people of his community, which is why he said, “I will not work in isolation but constantly engage with you in any debate without your contributions and consents, so that I can carry your collective inputs in my would-be contributions and presentations to the House as your PM. Consultation and inclusivity are key components of my servant leadership approach”. He therefore vowed to tie his programmes and activities as the would-be MP of 118 with the ward and constituency executives.

Mr Kamara joined previous speakers in describing himself as a good example to the community, adding that gone are the days when the East of Freetown was referred to by many as the most rejected area of the city. He disclosed that most people initially held negative perceptions that nothing good comes from the East of Freetown.

“I can proudly say here that I am one of the sons of the soil who have changed the narratives. Changed the narratives in the sense that I schooled here and by the grace of the Almighty Allah, with the support of my parents I acquired by higher learning of education here, which makes me always part of Constituency 118 all my life”, he said.

Mr Kamara said he is very proud of being a teacher, whose works and crafts have in diverse ways touched the lives of others, pointing out that it is very good to mentor of youngsters and later admire their growths, development, and contributions to societal and community progress for all and sundry.

Though he was not at the declaration to tell constituents about his academic credentials, Mr Kamara however informed that he holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration which had earned him a job in the Office of the President, under the presidency of former President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. In the Office of the Chief of Staff, in the Office of the President, Mr Kamara served as one of the Senior Policy Analysts who worked very hard in the rolling out and successful implementation of the then government’s Free Healthcare policy, delivered that was by the Agenda for Change and later the Agenda for Prosperity, all under the flagship of the last APC administration.

Mr Kamara said with their hard work in the then presidency lactating mothers and under-five children benefited from the free healthcare policy offered by the APC. He said that the healthcare initiative drastically reduced the infant mortality rates in the country.

Mohamed S. Kamara’s declaration for the APC symbol was overwhelmingly graced by all members of Constituency 118, who assured him of their unflinching support if awarded the as the most popular candidate. 118 constituents thus prayed that God guide and direct the APC party to recognize the roles for the party, his popularity and award him the party’s symbol to represent them in the House of Parliament come June 24 this year.

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