• January 20, 2023

I’m Ready to Organize APC – KARAMO KABBA

I’m Ready to Organize APC  – KARAMO KABBA
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One of the leading aspirants for All People’s Congress (APC) National Organizing Secretary in the approaching National Delegates’ Conference, Karamo Kabba has disclosed that he is not part of any divisive politics in the country.

“I preach unity to bring everybody together. And it why I have the slogan and call ‘C4C APC 4C”, he said adding that he is in readiness to organize the APC party. Kabba said that he will continue to resist joining any flag bearer aspirants’ camps until a substantive standard bearer is elected from the coming convention.

“I have resisted joining flag bearer aspirants’ camps and I will continue to do so until whoever emerges as the party’s flag bearer for the June 24th elections,” said Kabba, saying that he is already on the job.

He said that he is ready for the job based on his competence and experience former Deputy National Organizing Secretary for six year, pointing out that he is the fittest candidate for the job.

Kabba Thursday 19th January 2023 made the disclosure in an interview with AYV Wake Up Salone breakfast show. The renowned writer and publisher of Timbock Vision Magazine and several books, has in diverse ways contributed to the development of the APC party. He said during his tenure as the National Coordinator for the Open Government Initiative (OGI), his works entailed the engagement of all stakeholders, making sure that everybody’s voices is heard by directly interacting with the presidency. Kabba said that the OGI platform exposed the then presidency to the people, which is why he was very excited about the OGI processes.

He explained that the OGI programme was very successful in bringing the presidency closer to the people through questions and concerns raised by the people at hundreds of local and diaspora town hall meetings.

Asked about his convictions of joining the APC party, Kabba replied that bad things happen when good people are away, noting that he has gone through the experiences and has the expertise, having served as Director of Political Affairs, Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs.
“My experience in the eastern region as a Minister of State East, where a whole quarter of the country that was handed over to me also adds to my level of competence for the position”, he said. Kabba reiterated that since then has made his marks in the APC party, adding that based on his works, people also found out that he could be engaged as well in governance, which including organizing and coordinating people. As National Deputy Organizing Secretary of the APC party for the past six years, he said it was an opportunity to step in at that time to make his personal contributions towards nation building, good governance democracy in Sierra Leone.

Karamo Kabba furthered that he was part of the APC party in 2012 presidential elections publicity committee who did very in that elections.
About his strategies in bringing people together and around the APC party, Kabba said during his service as regional minister in Kenema he worked with all stakeholders and therefore implored delegates at the APC NDC to vote him as the next National Organizing Secretary of the party.

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