• November 14, 2023

Karamoh Kabba on APC Team A and SLPP Alliance

Karamoh Kabba on APC Team A and SLPP Alliance
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Comrades all,

Paopa (SLPP) and ‘Team A’ (APC) are trying to edit their treacherous past, which is all they know how to do to govern us. But many of us know that those that are most responsible for our greatest woes in Sierra Leone are operatives of Paopa and ‘Team A’. Their characterization is no different. We have to take on them and bring back the APC or the SLPP to govern us going forward.

A good Paopa or a good ‘Team A’ is a dead Paopa or a dead ‘Team A’. We must stop them in their concerted tracks of editing their past as glaringly demonstrated in the most recent negotiation of settling their political impasse. Because, once they have a grip on power again, trust that regardless of which one, our country will remain on the tracks of retrogression and tribal bigotry.

Please don’t try to differentiate the two entities; they are one and the same but cropped from different political parties.

But comrades all please pay serious attention; we cannot take on Paopa without taking on ‘Team A’ first. It’s an impossibility to take on Paopa without taking on ‘Team A’. This is because, the two of them have the same agenda; regardless of which one is in power, they will strike deals and fend for each other, leaving the grassroots to hang dry.

They have created an unholy alliance that intentionally and deliberately maintains the grassroots at the bottom of the human pyramid to bear the burden of retrogression caused by them.

We must work hard towards changing this stratagem, we must stand together very strong against this selfish political dispensation, we must work together very hard to rehabilitate even them, our tormentors, and bring them back into the fold of civilization.

Notice that our president, Julius Maada Bio, in an effort to keep the SLPP in power forever knows too-well that he has to take action against his own Paopa priests — he has sacked most of them in an effort to edit his own past. But we are yet to take any serious action against our ‘Team A’ priests.

But one thing we should keep in mind; We should not hold grudge against them or against any of our members — they are just humans without integrity.

Democracy is not a natural phenomenon, kingship, authoritarianism, and dictatorship is. It’s why they need help from some of us who have experienced some amount of democracy.

God bless us all.

There’s victory in the struggle of the APC

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